First Showing and Cutting Back

April 15, 2010 at 8:30 am (General Life Updates)

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call at 2 from my realty group saying they had an agent that wanted to show the house between 3 & 4. I was so excited! I mean, obviously one showing does not necessarily a sale make, but it is a start!

So I spent the next 50 minutes running around the house doing some last minute things that I’d kind of put off because of the feeling of a showing “never going to happen”. I tidied up the bottom of the coat closet by the front door, I made sure the toilets were clean, I put all the dirty laundry in the washer and closed the lid, I checked the kids’ rooms, I wiped out the kids’ tub (still had some dried bubbles in the bottom), I spot-cleaned the kitchen floor, wiped off the table and counter once more, cleaned out the kitchen sink drain and made sure it was fresh-smelling, put away a few toys in the living room, changed the twin sheet that is acting as a half-couch-slipcover. And then I woke K2 up from his nap and loaded the kids in the H3 and took off. We went to the park, again. We’d already gone once before lunch to a different park.

This time, we went to the park by the library. The kids played for about 50 minutes, and then we stopped by the library drop-box for a return, and then stopped by MIL’s house to drop off a movie we’d borrowed for the airport drive and some granola bars for them to try. We only stayed for about 5 minutes, and we were home at about 4:25 to find a business card on the counter and no SOLD sign outside. 🙂 J/K, I wasn’t expecting a SOLD sign.

I’m going to wait until about 10 AM and then if I haven’t heard from my realtor, I’ll call him and see if there is any feedback.

Other than each of them watching Little Mermaid yesterday, the kids didn’t watch TV. I was so proud of myself. We went to the park, the kids played upstairs a little in the evening, after dinner, we played a bunch of games, including some lopsided games of Red Light, Green Light; Duck, Duck, Goose; London Bridges (they enjoyed this one the most); and Ring Around the Rosies. I read them a bunch of books that we got at the library, including one that P read to us. That was pretty cool; I’m so excited about her learning to read and enjoy it.

After two days of much less TV, K2 is asking for it less when its off. He still asks for it, but he seems to half expect me to say no, now. I plan on turning it off about an hour before we go get P, and then it won’t come on again this afternoon except for P to maybe watch one short cartoon while K2 is sleeping.

Tuesday night, we had a short Family Home Evening. Since we were going to use the music/hymns playing from the internet so I needed access to the computer, I had them sit on the couch cushions on the floor next to the computer chair. We started by singing one of their favorite church kids songs, then we had a prayer to start. K2 kept bouncing from his cushion to P’s, and back. Then moving his cushion in front of hers, then back. Then bouncing some more. He was driving me nuts. So I got a little upset and tried to get him to sit still or at least stop moving his cushion and bounce around just on his. But he yelled at me and got upset back – I kinda lost all motivation for this little adventure and I sent them both upstairs and told them to forget it. P was so upset, she’d been so excited. So I sat there and counted to 10, and then called her back down and hugged her and asked what was wrong. Of course, it was that she wanted to do FHE and was sad that K2 had ruined it (along with my temper). So I had her sit down and called K2 back down and asked him again to please sit on his cushion and stop moving it. Of course, within seconds he was doing exactly that. So I pulled his cushion out from under him and put it back on the couch and told him he had to sit on the floor. That got through to him and I gave his cushion back and he seemed to finally get it and he didn’t sit still, but he stopped bouncing from cushion to cushion, and he stopped moving his cushion in front of P’s. So finally, we carried on. I told them a story using the felt cut-outs and book back-drop they’d gotten from Grandma for Christmas, basically the story of the beginning of the Book of Mormon, about the prophet Lehi and his son Nephi and their family.

After the story, we sang 3 more songs, and then had a closing prayer when I had P ask for a blessing on our refreshments, the granola bars I made Tuesday afternoon. P has been asking to do FHE every night, so I think she enjoyed the whole thing. We will do it again with a different lesson/story next Monday. I don’t know if we’ll do the cushions again with all the trouble that caused. We’ll see.

As much as I hope for another showing today, I kind of hope it doesn’t come in the middle of K2’s nap again. But if it does, we’ll make do. I’d much rather sacrifice K2’s nap-time and sell the house than have him get plenty of afternoon zzz’s and have to stay here for longer without K.

The last two nights, I’ve walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill after the kids go down. The first night (Tuesday) it helped me stay out of the food. Last night, it didn’t work quite as well since I was really craving some stuff before I walked, and the cravings were still there when I got done. But, the first night I got a pain under my belly and had to stop at 28 minutes. Last night I finished the full 30. I also did some wall pushups and some tricep dips on the stairs.

That’s about all there is going on around here. We might go to the park again today – have to spend the day somehow. Also might let them play out front today since I’ve given the neighbors about a week off from my kids now. Had quick chicken tacos for dinner last night, and lentils for lunch. K2 apparently doesn’t digest lentils (eeeewwww), so I might not be feeding him anymore of them. Not sure what to make for dinner tonight. Tonight, I’d like to do my BWO+ and some walking for a workout.


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