Weekend Flies By

April 13, 2010 at 10:25 am (General Life Updates)

Well let’s see. He was here. He’s gone. The weekend felt like a second. Can’t believe its already Tuesday.

Friday’s drive up to the airport went without a hitch. I dropped the kids off at my parents’ house, and put K2 straight to bed since he fell asleep in the car. I got to the airport early and had to circle for almost a half an hour, but he finally came out and hopped in and we were off. It was kind of a giddy feeling to see him after a month away. We talked about our fight of the other night and how we can resolve the situation to both be on the same page, and we were both in very good spirits by the time we got to the house to pick the kids up.

They were in the backyard and K stepped out behind me onto the back porch and they saw him and came running top speed to tackle him. He had to carry them both around for a few minutes before they’d let go. We sat and chatted with Mom and Dad for a few minutes, and then we took off for home. Friday night was mostly hanging out with Dad and talking and playing for all of us. We stopped at the store on the way home and got supplies for french toast and for K to change the oil in the H3.

Saturday, we loaded up around mid-day after I slept in and headed to the mountains. K drove us to a trailhead up past Helen Hunt Falls and we went for a long walk in the woods, which the kids loved. K2 kept talking about wolves and bears getting him and then at one point, he sing-songed, “wooollvves, come fiiiinndd meee!” It was so funny. They both fell a few times, but managed to shake it off. It was a beautiful day and we had a nice hike.

We headed home late afternoon to a lazy time of hanging out in our living room while K2 took a late nap. Then we had dinner of some simple chili over rice, which was pretty tasty (made by K). We gave the kids baths and put them to bed and hung out trying to watch Sherlock Holmes. And we both fell asleep, K before me. So we finally gave up and turned it off and went to bed.

Sunday we both slept in, though the kids didn’t.  When we finally got up and started to get ready, we decided to stay home from church to spend more time together. If we had gone, we would have found out that I’d been released from Primary. But I still would have gone to Primary, P would have gone to her class, K2 would have gone to nursery, and K would have had to spend a couple hours apart from us. So we stayed home, though we probably shouldn’t have. So just to give you an idea we believe in keeping the Sabbath day holy. So we don’t shop, we don’t work, we do whatever we have to to not contribute to others working. We basically try to do things that will bring us closer to the Spirit and Jesus Christ, rather than farther away. We kinda try to block out the world. We tried to think of something we could go do together that wouldn’t be against any of these beliefs – we could have gone for a walk but we’d already done that. Anyway, we ended up deciding to go look at model homes. Not a perfect solution, because that means we contributed to commercialism and to someone (the person sitting in the office) working, but its something the kids really enjoy doing and that we could do together without spending any money. It doesn’t really qualify as Sabbath day activity, but we’re not perfect.

So that’s what we did. We ended up seeing about 6 different model homes, and they were all nice and much fancier than anything we’ll be living in any time soon. But the kids had a blast, and K and I got to walk around holding hands and dreaming about “someday”.

We headed home for K2 to take a nap, and I ended up taking a really short one as well on the couch and K in the chair. Then we headed over to K’s family’s house, where we thought we’d been invited for dinner. Turns out they just wanted us to come over and chat and visit while the kids played, and when they realized they were on the hook for feeding us due to miscommunication (not sure which end), we ate some of their leftovers. Which were actually quite good. We had a nice visit for a few hours while the kids played and had a good time. Then headed home for bedtime. K and I managed to finish Sherlock Holmes this time.

P didn’t have school yesterday, so we woke up and got ready in a leisurely manner. None of us were looking forward to K leaving. He changed the oil in the H3 and then we got showered and ready to go. We left around 1:30 to take something to his mom and take her to work, then headed north to Denver to run an errand for his work. After that we had a little time to kill before heading to the airport, so we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop, where we were blown away by the enormity of the store – and K wanted to basically move in there. I thought it was cool, and so did the kids, but all I want to do there is look at the stuffed posed animals, the waterfall, the neat displays and boats. I don’t actually want to shop there much. But it was fun.

Airport time. We drove over there, K2 falling asleep finally. Dropped him off at the drop off point, and he kissed and hugged everyone. P started to cry, and K2 woke up for his kiss and hug but didn’t really understand until we were driving away, then he started to cry too. So I started Cinderella on the portable DVD player (they watched Little Mermaid on the way up) to distract them both, and luckily it worked. It was a long drive home without Dad (K). We stopped quickly at the parents’ house to drop off the blender they bought me but that has something wrong with it (they weren’t there), and grabbed something to eat. Then continued on home. We got home at 6:30, and the kids and I relaxed and ate some snacky items for “dinner” and then it was bedtime.

It was a great weekend. Its over. Sucks.

Today, I got up at about 8:20. P didn’t have school again today (parent teacher conferences), so we were going to meet my MK director, where I was going to have to tell her that I’m taking a hiatus from being a consultant for a while. Wasn’t looking forward to it. And then right before I was going to start getting us ready to leave, she called that she’s broken out in a rash this morning and has to go to the doctor and can’t come meet me.

So, it is almost 10:30. I’m sitting her in my bathrobe. I haven’t done anything other than feed myself and the kids breakfast. And I’m feeling HIGHLY unmotivated to do anything. I just want this house to at least SHOW!!! But getting dressed and the house ready just in case seems so pointless when we haven’t had even one yet. I did turn the TV off, so the kids are upstairs playing. But that won’t last long before they’re bored. Maybe I’ll get up the uumph to take them to the park or something. Or work out. Or do some laundry or wash a bathtub. Or read to them, or play with them. Or something. Something.

Tonight, we are going to do a little Family Home Evening (FHE). We are going to sing a song (hymn), have a little lesson, a prayer, and a treat. Nothing too intense, but I want us to get in the habit. Also, I challenged K and myself to read our scriptures at least 5 times a week and to say our prayers, formally, not just a prayer in our hearts. Another habit we need to re-formulate.

That’s all for now.



  1. Kelli said,

    Sounds like a great weekend! When are you due?? I couldn’t believe it when I read you went hiking in the mountains. I was such a big-baby when I was pregnant!

  2. farebear said,

    Thanks Kelli! I was definitely more of a wimp with my second pregnancy because I got so heavy by the time it was over. We went on a hike when I was due with my 2 year old son – I probably weighed about 275 at the time. We were hoping it would put me into labor. 🙂 No such luck, just extremely huffy, sweaty, and tired. Ha!

    Anyway, this time I feel a little better, stronger. I’m still overweight, but I think from working out so much last year when I was losing those 40 pounds (almost all of which I’ve gained back with this pregnancy already), I got stronger. I am due in beginning of August, so I’m 6 months along and have quite a bit to go. Its kind of crazy how much I’m already showing, though. With every pregnancy I show more and faster – the body remembers!!

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