Big Weekend

April 9, 2010 at 8:34 am (General Life Updates)

Still haven’t decided about the public blog thing. Mostly out of laziness, I have to be honest. I’m used to journaling this way, and changing it will take some effort that I just haven’t felt like putting in.

This week hasn’t been a lot out of the ordinary. Still no showings on the house. Wednesday, my parents came down and we (mostly they since I can’t lift) loaded the boxes from the garage up and we moved it all into the storage facility. We got done at right about 5 PM, so Mom (thank goodness) offered to take us all out to dinner. I looked like a total scrub, but I don’t think anyone was filming for What Not to Wear. We went to Mimi’s Cafe, and it was super-yummy, and the kids even ate their food pretty well and behaved. Well, P always behaves at restaurants, K2 not so much.

Yesterday, I took an unintentional nap on the chair, holding K2 for part of it and he climbed down and played for a while, too. I made myself wake up, even though I felt like I could sleep all day, about 20 minutes before we needed to go get P from school. After getting her, we got K2 dressed and her changed out of her uniform, and headed to the park. It was a bit brisk, but our sweaters were sufficient, especially the way the kids were running around. There were some other children there, and they had a blast. We were there for about 40 minutes before we headed home for lunch.

After lunch (a big salad for me), I helped P with her homework after putting K2 down for his nap, then made myself work out. While I was cooling down and still sweaty, I went out in the garage and organized the empty boxes and few things that are left. Swept the whole thing. And had room to park the H3 in the garage for the first time ever!! First time a vehicle has fit in our garage in over 2 years! So awesome.

While I was in the shower cleaning off the sweat and dust, I heard K2 get up from his nap (there’s no mistaking the THUMP, THUMP, THUMP as he uses his butt to slide down the stairs one step at a time), and when I came downstairs from getting dressed for the day (nevermind it was 3:30 PM), they wanted to go outside. So for the next couple of hours, they played out front while I made dinner. I made brown rice with a steamed veggie topping and cheese. Simple, vegetarian meal. I had some leftover salmon, probably about 1.5 oz on mine. Yummy. The veggies were zucchini, brocoli, and cauliflower.

Nothing else out of the ordinary happened. Just the normal bedtime routine for the kids and I, and I was up until about 11.

K gets here today! I am going to work out in about 30 minutes after breakfast has settled, and then I’ll shower after picking P up from her short day at 10:15. By the time I’m showered and ready, it might be almost time to go. I have to get gas, and if there’s time to return home, some groceries. Then I have to be headed to Monument to drop the kids off at Grandpa’s by about 1:30. K’s flight gets in at 3:20 in Denver. I am so excited to see how the kids react when I walk into Grandpa’s to pick them up with DADDY! It is a surprise for them! It was supposed to be a surprise for me, too, but I wasn’t very cooperative with the sneakiness. I am so grateful that my father agreed so late notice to watch the kids so that I don’t have to drag them up to the airport and they can have their surprise not sitting buckled into their seats where they can’t really hug or tackle their dad. Obviously, I’m indebted to my parents for raising me so well and feeding and caring for me all those years, but I feel I’ve become more indebted to them in the past 4 years or so than I can ever even try to pay back. They are a miracle to our lives, and I’m going to miss them terribly (and have a terrible shock to my system probably) when we move away.


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