Eggs and cinnamon rolls

April 5, 2010 at 8:50 am (General Life Updates)

The decorating of the eggs went ok. I only lost my temper once with K2 when he broke his third egg by bashing it on the table, after I’d told him over and over not to bang them on the table, against each other, etc. I yelled. Then I calmed down and we continued on. They’re just eggs.

After we’d decorated them all with crayons and dye, we took some pictures and then I had to figure out dinner.

I decided french toast sounded perfect. And in order to have it, we needed a griddle. It was time. I made sure the kids felt like they could wait for dinner for a bit, and we loaded up to brave Walmart the night before Easter.

We got there around 6:15, and it was insane. And they had two sizes of griddle, neither of which was what I wanted. So I decided one more stop was in order and we headed to Kohl’s. Much to my surprise (and disappointment), they carried the exact same brand of griddle, just in 3 different sizes than what Walmart had carried. So after calling my mom and consulting about prices and Bed Bath & Beyond inventory and coupons, I decided it was about as good as it was going to get and went for the 10X20.5 griddle.

We got home shortly after 7 PM and I set right to work making some yummy french toast. The kids were nice and hungry, so they downed their portion without any urging from me. I had some with berries, then I made two pieces into a peanut butter/banana stuffed french toast. YUM. Not necessarily healthy, and I overate, but it was super-good and we rarely have french toast.

After dinner, it was almost time for bed for the kids. I let them stay up and watch part of a movie, and they went down at about 9 PM. I was hoping the later bedtime would make K2 sleep in, but he woke up at 7:10, just like clockwork. So I’ve now decided that no matter whether its a school night or not, he’s going to bed by 8 or earlier – since he’s not going to sleep in anyway. He might as well get more sleep on the night end – he was tired on Sunday from going to bed late and still getting up.

Sunday, we started getting ready to head to Monument right after I got up, which wasn’t about 9:30. The kids had been up for a while, but graciously let me sleep (in and out because I could hear them and would make sure no one was crying or hitting). I woke up when K2 swatted P and needed a time out. The kid cries like he’s being slaughtered when I put him in time out – you’d think it was a horrible thing to have to sit in a corner without a blanket or toy for 2 minutes. Sheesh.

We got dressed, had breakfast, and then headed out at about 10:30, arriving in Monument by 11 and the last hour of the morning session of LDS Conference. I tried to watch it, and the kids were content to just sit for most of it. They started to get restless and want to play toward the end, which was fine.

After, we filled some plastic eggs with a couple of M&Ms each and had another egg hunt with the kids. “I Found One!!” seemed to be the exclamation of choice when they’d see one of the eggs basically sitting in plain sight. We had some lunch and I put K2 down for a nap a little earlier than normal. Then mom and I set to work making Vanilla Pudding Cinnamon rolls. I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before, so it was all a learning experience for me, and since it was my idea and I’d brought the recipe, I did most of the work with occasional help from Mom the Expert. They turned out great at the end of the day, even if I could have let them bake a little longer.

Afternoon session was watched while rolls were rising and baking. Then we had dinner – ham, potato salad, carrots, and rolls. It was a simple meal, and for me the highlight was the cinnamon rolls afterward. In years coming, I hope to establish a cinnamon roll tradition on the MORNING of conference for our family. Its a good excuse to have cinnamon rolls (not the healthiest food in the world) twice a year.

After dinner, we didn’t stay for very long because I had realized P had left her homework at home and still needed to do it. So we got home around 7 and she did homework, which thank goodness wasn’t a lot. Bed around 8 and then I watched TV for a while. Then I wrote my husband a big heart-to-heart email about some stuff that’s been bothering me lately since he’s been away. Cried a bit (nothing is wrong between us, its just some stuff we have to learn together), and went to bed.

Today, I have a to-do list. I am going to work out in a few minutes. Then I have some calls to make and some laundry to do. I also need to tend to our floors today, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.

Going to use some parsnips for dinner tonight – excited to try a new vegetable.

This afternoon, my parents are coming to help me load up our boxes and move a bunch of them to a storage unit. Not looking forward to it, but I am at the same time. I might get to park in my garage!


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