Weekend Disappointments & Activities

April 3, 2010 at 2:53 pm (General Life Updates)

Thursday night we had baked potatoes with steamed brocoli for dinner. I put some NF Plain yogurt on half of my half, some of the black & chili bean mixture from a couple nights ago. I also had a side salad.

Friday was very uneventful. I never changed out of the clothes I’d put on when we got up. I didn’t work out. I had three healthy meals and then a binge last night. Bravo. I went to bed too late. My realtor did put out flyers and put a lock box on our door. That was probably the only event worth speaking of. We also went to Good Times after dinner and got ice cream.

Today, we were supposed to go to my SIL’s and MIL’s for spring-egg dying, an egg hunt, and family dinner. This morning, after getting showered, ready, getting the kids ready, making sure the house was show-worthy, we were about to walk out the door to go to the store and buy the contributions I was supposed to bring. And I got a text from my SIL saying one SIL wasn’t feeling well, and the first SIL’s daughter was going to her other grandparents’ house. So all activities cancelled. For not a very good reason, IMO. P was upset, I was upset, and K2 would have been upset if we didn’t leave since all he knew was he was getting out of the house.

After being annoyed for a few minutes (the annoyed didn’t go away, but I came up with an alternate plan), we left anyway and went to the dollar store to get egg dye, some candy, and a few more plastic eggs, baskets, and ultimately another play stick horse for K2 (his sister still has hers since she didn’t break it).

We ran to the bookstore really quickly, but even my 30% off coupon didn’t make me feel that I could spend the money on the more expensive books that they had that I want. The one I’d decided I could afford, they were out of. So no book for me today.

Then home. I had a big salad (YUM), the kids had some leftover chicken bites with BBQ sauce from last night and applesauce and yogurt. Then I filled the plastic eggs and made the kids wait in the garage while I “hid” them. Or basically placed them in practically visible locations that didn’t take much ‘hunting’ at all. As they came in, I explained the “rules” and then recorded their little “hunt”. It only lasted about 5 minutes, but they seemed excited and to enjoy it. Of course it would have been more fun if there were more eggs or more kids, but I did my best for sucking at this sort of thing. First time we’ve ever had a hunt here at the house under my direction – and my daughter is almost 6. I’m a sad, sad mother in some areas.

K2 is down for a nap now. P is taking some mandatory quiet time in her bed, but I’m about to go tell her she can get up. Because I doubt she fell asleep like I’d hoped. ……. oh, wait, she did! Miracles do happen folks.

When they get up, we’re going to decorate some hard-boiled eggs – I have about 7 for them each. Which means P and I will be eating a lot of eggs for a while, since K2 doesn’t like them hard-boiled. Then I gotta figure out what to make for dinner since I hadn’t planned anything because I thought we were going to the in-law’s for dinner. Not sure we have enough leftovers from the last few nights. We’ll see.

Tomorrow, we are going to Monument for most of the day. It is our LDS General Conference this weekend – I am watching some of the Saturday sessions now. Tomorrow there will be two sessions, one from 10-12 and the last from 2-4. This is when all the leaders of our church go to Salt Lake City and there is a big gathering and broadcasting of many of them giving talks about what they’ve been inspired to talk to the church members about. The talks are then published the next month in our monthly church magazine. I haven’t actually watched it in a long time, just read it later, since we are usually visiting UT on this weekend and I’m so busy seeing friends, my brother, and spending time with my other SIL and her family.

Tomorrow at my parents’, I’m hoping to make cinnamon rolls, a tradition I think is great to start for conference weekend. Since we’ve been traveling for the last 3 years on this weekend, I haven’t started the tradition like I’ve wanted to.

Over and out.


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