House on the Market

April 1, 2010 at 3:40 pm (General Life Updates)

Today my realtor came by and took pictures of my freakishly tidy house. Put a sign in the front yard. And we are ON THE MARKET!!

So excited! Now if only the showings will come rolling in.

Today, other than tidying and putting things away so that the pictures would be as nice as possible, I haven’t done much. Did the dishes. Fed the kids. Helped P with her homework. Put K2 down for a nap. Made some granola bars from a recipe, which I almost followed. But they are super-sweet so I’m going to have to modify the recipe next time. Had a big salad and some bean/scrambled egg mixture for lunch, which was super-yummy, using my sesame seed salad dressing that I got in Japan. No chopsticks, though.

I worked out – a 15 minute T-Tapp BWO and then walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Did the same workout yesterday.

Other than the house being officially for sale, not much going on around here. P is across the street jumping on their trampoline. She goes over there more and more so I hope they don’t hate me for foisting her on them. I almost don’t care though, because its nice to have a break without K here and they are moving in June whether we’re gone or not so I guess its not that important that I be their favorite person. That’s so snotty, but its how I comfort myself that I’m asking too much of them by letting P go over there almost every day. P isn’t trouble, so I hope they sincerely don’t mind (they tell me they don’t mind).

K2 will probably wake up soon. And then it will be time to figure out what to do for dinner again. Dinner seems to be coming awfully fast around here each day. We haven’t had meat in a while for dinner – I almost thawed some today but then I didn’t want to worry about it getting thawed in time, so I figure I’ll do that tomorrow.

Over and out for this Thursday.


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