Mostly Packed – Anxiety has narrowed down to 2 points

March 18, 2010 at 7:29 pm (General Life Updates)

Got a lot done today, though perhaps not as much as I could have done. I worked out, full Tempo workout. Went to the bookstore and picked out my books only to discover (through a lucky phone call) that my mom has credit and a gift card to Borders. So I had them set my books aside, and I’ll go back with her tomorrow morning. I’ve got the kids packed except for the stuff they have to use tonight and in the morning. I’ve got myself packed except for the same, plus my drying pants and the stuff I will buy tomorrow.

Now, the main things I’m feeling anxious about have narrowed and focused. I’ll try to relax and take it as it comes, because I can’t control these things really.

1) There is a big storm heading our way and I’m worried it will ground my flight out of Denver tomorrow night. Can’t do anything about it if it happens, so I’m trying to let this go.

2) I have GAS!! Oh my gosh – pregnant lady gas as bad as it gets. I SO hope it has subsided by tomorrow night! I don’t want to stink out my poor fellow passengers trapped in a plane! Ugh!! I was hoping my Tempo workout would work it all out this afternoon, and it did some. But I’m still a walking stink bomb. Is this all TMI? Sorry if I’m oversharing, but these are my menial problems. 🙂 Maybe I should detour a little tomorrow and invest in some Gas-X – how does that stuff work anyway.

I’m off to research gas medicine and if pregnant ladies can safely take it……


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  1. Kelli said,

    Have a GREAT trip! I took maalox a lot while pregnant. Helped a ton with heartburn (so did Tagamet) but I don’t know about gas?

    Good luck and enjoy yourself. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the Denver snow gets out of the way quickly.

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