Looking like a slob, versus “saving” your clothes

March 17, 2010 at 10:06 am (General Life Updates)

Ok – so I have 2 pairs of jeans that fit me. One is maternity and one was just too big before I got pregnant and gained 25 pounds in the first half of the pregnancy.

I have 4 new maternity (not really maternity, but their cut and style will allow them to work great) that my mother purchased me. So far I’ve worn 2 of them, both on a Sunday when I knew I wouldn’t get them dirty. That is also when I’ve worn the new maternity jeans.

For weeks now, I’ve been dressing like a slob at home, and to go out. Workout clothes, some of them stained with paint, tennis shoes, t-shirts (also stained sometimes with paint). I haven’t really cared. But I think I’m thinking about this all wrong….. see case in point.

Today I’ve decided to go visit my mother at her work. She works at a high school, and I need to take her some Mary Kay stuff so she can give it to her co-worker before spring break starts in a few days. Plus, see last post about getting away from the self-cleaning oven.

I know I should wear something decent and look like I’m not a refugee from a painting-work-camp, but I find myself arguing with the idea that I wear the precious few decent looking clothes that fit me because I need to “save” them. For what I ask you? I’m not sure!! I need to start thinking about this from a different perspective, and its proving hard. I’ve been so deep in dirty work for so many weeks, that I keep thinking that if I wear nice stuff, I’m going to ruin it. But the work is tapering off (painting done yesterday!!! oven cleaning itself today!!!), and I need to start “getting dressed” every day so that I’m not a CONSTANT What-Not-to-Wear before disaster.

I know this, but I’m fighting my instinct to “save” my clothes. Is that stupid? I need to just get over it, right? That, and stop gaining weight so that they’ll continue to fit me! It doesn’t help that I have so few clothes that do fit. But good grief, I look awful and it is just no longer acceptable.

Going to get changed right now. From paint-stained shirt and sweats to maternity jeans and cute shirt. Must. push. through. paranoia.


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