Weekend’s gone, so is he

March 15, 2010 at 2:48 pm (General Life Updates)

So this weekend flew by. K got here last Friday night (almost midnight). We were up pretty early on Saturday morning (for us) to prepare to work on the back yard with the young men from our church ward. They were supposed to be here at 8, but only one leader showed up at about 8:20, the rest got here at almost 9. But that was ok because K ran to get some trash can liners and I got to work with that one leader on raking some stuff and coming up with plan of attack. Got the kids dressed and ready to be outside (sunscreen, it was our warmest day in a long time), and when the boys arrived we swung into some quick work. There were about 15 bags full of mulch and poop, and the backyard looks great! They stacked the cinderblocks along the side of the house for me, and they cut down the weed tree that’s been scratching the house whenever there is a windstorm.

They loaded it into the truck that another leader brought and K and him and K’s BIL spent until about noon getting it all taken and dumped at BIL’s job sites (two truck loads, including carpet scraps). Then BIL and K came back and got rototiller to return to owner. I spent the time chatting with neighbors, monitoring the 6-kid posse that my kids were running in around our culdesac, and sweeping out the garage and organizing it so I can potentially park in there.

BIL and K brought back lunch, so we brought the kids in and ate that and talked for a bit. Then BIL left and we spent some more time in the garage with the kids outside while K put all his tools into his toolbox from my parents (Christmas present).

In the late afternoon we went to the dollar store so that I could get some treats for my lesson on Sunday. This was after K2 took a short nap and K took a short nap in the easy chair. Then we came home, , had dinner, bathtime,and watched TV together until the kids had to go to bed. K and I stayed up for our ‘date’ night. 🙂

Sunday dawned way too soon with the time change. We got ready for church quickly and headed out. For once, I was kind of excited about my lesson for the kids.

Church went well, if a little tiring with teaching and troubleshooting. I tripped twice over my own feet, and my fellow primary leaders asked that I please wear flats from now on so that I don’t scare them like that (they worry about my pregnancy more than I do, and are constantly asking me to stop and sit down which I seem incapable of, except when at home stuffing my face).

We came home for a brief snack, K made cobbler, and then we went to his family’s for dinner and games. We had loads of fun, but K2 was so tired and just wanted K to hold him constantly. When we got home, K2 and I both proved how tired we both were by having a HORRIBLE run-in with each other, worse one ever, that resulted in lots of crying, apologies, and more crying. I have to remember to NOT ENGAGE with him when we’re both tired like that. TIME-OUT, whether it is bedtime or not is MUCH better than a war of wills like we had last night. I tell you, it was horrible, and the guilt I felt over my rage is not going to fade for a long time. Please don’t think I did anything to him except get way too angry and a little too spanky. But man on man, the defiance on that boy. K came in and calmed everyone down (including P, who was so upset as a bystander), and we are all fine today. We all hugged and talked and kissed and gave “i love you’s”, and pledged to be nicer to one another. Phew, what a way to end the weekend.

After I finally calmed down once the kids were in bed, K and I had a pleasant evening together. We watched some TV, he gave me a wonderful foot rub, and then we engaged in some goodbye “business”. 😉 More TV, and I fell asleep and woke up when K turned off the TV and shook me awake to go upstairs to bed.

This morning, I decided to let the kids sleep in and not send P to school. This way she could see more of her Dad before he left, and also recover from so much crying the night before. I hoped K2 would sleep in a little as well, but it turned out he woke up shortly after I went back to bed after deciding to not wake her. Luckily, he was fine with watching some cartoons downstairs by himself with a snack while the rest of us caught a little more shut-eye. P slept until 8:30, so I’m glad I didn’t send her; she obviously needed the rest. Not just because of the ‘episode’ but because of the busy weekend and late night from being at grandma’s.

K is gone now. After feeding the kids breakfast, getting ready, packing up his stuff, the truck with some of his cleaning chemicals, helping his friend load up, visiting briefly with his mom and sitting with the kids for a while, he left around 12:30. There was no weeping this time on P or my part. K2 wasn’t any too happy, but he also doesn’t understand how long its going to be before he sees him again (potentially a month). K2 is napping now after playing with some play and the three of us played catch with a beach ball for a while (that was fun, I help K2 catch when P bounces or throws it to us and K2 and P both think its hilarious). P is coloring up a storm right now. Both of them are still in their pajamas, and I’m only marginally better.

I feel exhausted and weary today, and totally unmotivated. I’ve eaten way too much sugar already today, and haven’t gotten anything significant done. I did the dishes and I’ve taken a shower. That’s about it besides playing with the kids and feeding them lunch. Nothing to brag about. I hope I can get more done for the next three days because I have a list. I’m sure Friday will be spent packing and packing the kids for their week with my parents. Friday will also be the only day my mother and I can go get me one more pair of maternity pants for the trip. So I need to have everything done on Thursday.

Nothing too crazy on the list, but I definitely need to do better. I’m kind of assuming I’m not going to get any of it done today, though its not even 3 PM yet. I’m just not feeling it. I hope I’ll make myself work out later, but I can’t guarantee anything at this point. See what a wuss I am? All I really want to do is sleep, but I don’t want to leave P alone while I snore away and K2 is sleeping. She never minds, but I always feel guilty when I take naps that leave her to entertain herself, which is why I rarely do it.

Well, this is rambly and whiny enough. High hopes for a better start for tomorrow. And perhaps a turn-around this afternoon. Hmmmm.


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