Two More Days

March 11, 2010 at 10:25 am (General Life Updates)

Including today, 2 more days until we see K!! He’ll be home for 2 days starting tomorrow night. Yippee!

Tuesday night, I had a nice sweaty walk while watching Biggest Loser. Then I stayed up too late talking to K, but I didn’t eat.

Last night didn’t go so well. But it followed a very productive day. In the morning, I did the dishes and then Dad arrived to put baseboards back on. We got done with that shortly after I brought P home from school. They don’t look perfect, but it looks great to have them back on and the room looks so much more finished. After he left, I made the kids some mac & cheese and turkey dogs on wheat bread. And then that’s what I ate, too, because I just couldn’t make myself make a different lunch for myself.

Soon after that, I put K2 down for his nap and then my niece came over, daughter of my SIL who needed a sitter on short notice for a couple hours. While the girls played I got started cleaning the grout in my shower with a power scrubber pointy thing and 409. Then I cleaned the bathtub, and then I went on to clean the rest of the bathroom and the kids’ bathroom. I put the towel rack and washcloth rack back on in my bathroom, and the switch and outlet covers. Hung my shower rod and shower curtain, and generally got my bathroom cleaned and ready to use again now that the paint should be dry enough today. It looks great! All this cleared out my room a little (stool, shower curtain, etc. were in there), so my room is immaculate with basically just a bed in there. I made the kids clean their rooms earlier in the day and when K2 woke up from his nap shortly after 3, I vacuumed while the kids kept playing. So the upstairs looks awesome. Oh, and I also changed K2’s sheets because of the drops of blood from his bloody nose at 2 AM in the morning Wednesday morning. It was a bad one, and I was up for a while getting drops out of the new carpet and cleaning him up and comforting him, but I left changing the sheet until yesterday afternoon.

I also took a shower, last one in the kids’ bathroom, somewhere amidst all that productive flurry. I meant to take one before Dad arrived in the morning, but he was earlier than I expected.

After all that, and a little tidying downstairs, I loaded the kids up to go to the bank and deposit a check and get diapers at Walmart. We got Pampers for once because I’m sick of all the leaking through K2’s been doing and I just want his diapers to make him last the night. We got a couple other things and then headed out to Chick-fil-A where we had dinner, but I got irritated as we were leaving because they were so excited to go and said they were very hungry, and then they didn’t eat! Oh, well, I got to eat their nuggets last night as one of my too-many snacks.

We got home around 5:30, and I set P to work on her homework right away. When she finally got that done (its hard enough to get her to focus without her little brother messing with her every few seconds), we went to bathtime. After they were clean and pajama-d, they had their bedtime snack and watched a little American Idol with me. Then it was off to story-time, brushing teeth, drinks of water, prayers, and bedtime. They were in bed right before 8 and I fully intended to do a full T-Tapp workout. And then, just like that, I decided not to. Go me.

And then commenced the eating. Sheesh. Such a great day, got so much done, and then I kind of ruined that good feeling by eating a yogurt with cereal, 2 graham crackers with peanut butter & white chocolate chips, the kids’ chicken nuggets, a pear, nutter butter bite-size cookies (shouldn’t have gotten those when we got the diapers – mistake), …. and I think that’s it. But sheesh. So unnecessary. And I went to bed feeling sick and over-full and woke up starving because of the late night eating. The only good thing about the time after the kids went to bed was that I went to bed at 10:35, which is a pretty decent hour. Good thing since K2 got up at 6:34 this morning.

Well, today is another day. My only tasks today besides taking care of the kids are calling the CO Dept of Revenue (tried 3 times already this morning and can’t get a live person) and working out sometime this afternoon. I’m not going to do any painting or renovating list tasks today. Taking a break. I’ll probably do a load of laundry. I’m feeling ill and queasy about the call to the Dept of Revenue, so until I get that taken care of I’m not going to be able to truly relax. I wish K was here to do it.

He will be here tomorrow night around midnight, but that’s too late. This has to be taken care of today and I just keep kicking myself that I’ve left it so long. To give you an idea, it is about our 2008 taxes. So stupid of us both.

But I am excited about tomorrow night! He will be here! I’m so excited to see him! We’ve never been apart for this long – 2 full weeks. And we’ll probably be apart for even longer after this weekend. And after he leaves on Monday, I’ll only have 4 days until I leave for Japan! Time is flying by!


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