Treadmill Restaurant

March 9, 2010 at 7:45 pm (General Life Updates)

I love that when I put the treadmill down while the kids are awake, they pretend like the front of it is an ordering counter in a restaurant. One of them stands in front while one stands on the track and they “order food” from each other, taking turns. The one that is taking the order has to walk away and pretend to make whatever the “customer” wants. It is so cute!! K2 inevitably orders “hamborgers an’ so-da”. Never know what P is going to order next. Usually has fries with it, though. “110 cents” is how much most things “cost”. Or maybe just “10 cents”. Chomp chomp.

Tonight, planning a walk. Figured I’d set it up, though that doesn’t necessarily foolproof my talk-myself-out-of-it system.

Today, cleaned windows and window tracks upstairs, did dishes, watched the little girl until about 2 PM (her little sister’s MRI came back clean!! Yay!!!), painted the bathroom (last coat Yay!!!) with my MIL and then touched up the baseboards that Dad’s putting back on tomorrow (unless it snows) and put a first layer on the newer set of baseboards that just came off last week. Almost done painting! Just a few small projects. One more coat on baseboards, a doorjamb, some little spots down by the baseboards where the paint peeled when they were pulled off.

Also arranged for my BIL to come Saturday to take away the carpet scraps to one of his work sites (he works for a big home-builder) and return a rototiller to a friend for me. This will be a busy day since the young men are coming to clean up the backyard in the afternoon.

Called some storage unit places to get a pricing for a 10×10 unit. Think we’ve decided on one, but it won’t be until after I get back from Japan. No sense in starting to pay for it before its necessary.

So I feel like its been a productive day. Had some good meals and snacks – not any munching in between, too busy. Looking forward to my walk and one more snack.


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