Weekend Recap – and realizing how blessed I am

March 8, 2010 at 5:53 pm (General Life Updates)

Saturday: Got some housework done in the morning and took a shower. Mom and Dad came down and while Dad caulked the bathroom counter and window, Mom and I went and picked up the box spring. Then the P and I waited (K2 was sleeping) while Mom and Dad ran to do their shopping at Sam’s Club and then they came back for us. We drove Dad home and the rest of us went to Walmart, where Mom bought some groceries, 4 tops for me, an outfit for each of the kids, and new drapes for my living room (they look great!!). We also stopped at Target, where she got me a pair of maternity jeans – pretty cute! The kids had peanut butter and jelly and applesauce for dinner and then they went to bed.

Sunday: Nothing much out of the ordinary. K2 got up at 6:40, which was vexing. Went to church, where various children got on my nerves and some parents. Came home to have a snack lunch and then headed up to Monument for dinner. Dinner was good and we hung out for a while, then came home for bed and for me to relax. I was texting K while watching TV, but I basically passed out in the chair during our texting conversation around 9:30 and slept until after 11. I moved myself upstairs, only to have my alarm go off at midnight (thanks K2 – Mr. Fingers!!!) and then wake up about 5 times throughout the night to check the kids because they kept crying in their sleep and waking me up. But every time I went in there, they were still asleep! I guess its good I got that extra time in the chair downstairs, because it was not a restful night. Then, K2 woke up at 6:37 this morning, 23 minutes before we usually get up to get P ready for school. Ugh!!

Monday so far: Woken up early, as mentioned. P to school, home to hang out and feed K2 and I. Had a yummy bowl of oatmeal and was getting started on the dishes when I got a call from a woman that I visit. She’s had a rough time of it for the last year – she was pregnant when she was diagnosed with cancer. She just finished chemo. And while she’s had cancer, her mother has gotten it, her uncle has died of it, and one of her cousin’s literally got his head blown off at the  uncle’s funeral (they are in the Phillipines). And then today she found out her 6-month old daughter might have hydrocephalus, or water on the brain, and might have to have brain surgery. She was freaking out, so I loaded up K2 and drove over there to try and comfort her until her husband got home with the baby (they’d been at her 6-month checkup). Ended up staying there until I had to go get P from school. I’m not sure if I’m watching their 3-year old tomorrow while they go in for the MRI or not, they’re supposed to let me know. But wow, talk about suffering a lot. We are so blessed that we are healthy, together, we have family to support us (all her family is in the Phillipines). SO BLESSED!!!

After that emotional morning, we came home from P’s school and got ready to go to the store for a few items and some gas. Then K2 went down for nap (he just got up), and P did homework while I finished the dishes, did some laundry, and THEN WORKED OUT!! Nothing like trying on clothes (Saturday) to realize you’ve GOT to stop gaining weight!! I made granola bars this afternoon (better than last batch I think) and scraped some caulk off some baseboards and then I did a T-Tapp workout. I am going to try for 3 full T-Tapp workouts and at least 2 30-minute walks on the treadmill this week. And I’m going to be going upstairs no later than 10 on nights that I have to shower and 10:30 on nights that I don’t. The kitchen is closing at 8:30 REGARDLESS. I don’t get nauseous anymore, so there’s no excuse to be eating because I HAVE to. I just have to decide these things. I should try my mom’s mantra that she got from her good friend, “I can do hard things!” It is hard to not eat when I want what I want, but its possible. And I’m strong and I can do hard things, darnit!! Its better for me in the long run, and it will get easier.

Now I need to start some dinner for me at the chitlins.

Tomorrow, my MIL is coming over to help me paint the bathroom again. I might have her help me paint the baseboards too, since we’ll already be doing it. Nothing like just getting something over with in one fell swoop. It will depend on what time we get started, I’m sure. I also need to arrange for her to watch the kids sometime next week so that I can go get traveling supplies for my trip – books, snacks, etc. And perhaps buying one more pair of pants with my mom.


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