What a great Friday

March 5, 2010 at 10:24 pm (General Life Updates)

Today has been a banner day. Let’s list since I get so chatty.

1) got up on time, got ready and got P to school and the house tidied a little for realtor’s arrival.

2) realtor right on time, optimistic about sale, someone I can trust, & had good things to say about all the improvements we’ve made and didn’t even suggest more except moving boxes to a storage facility (or parent’s house), and moving treadmill out of living room. Picked a listing price that gives us a buffer for breaking even and paying realtors. Drew up paperwork to sign.

3) Forgot it was an early day for dismissal and got a call from school 20 minutes after school let out saying my daughter was waiting for me in the office. Panicked, was so glad that realtor is friend of family that I can trust, left K2 with him while he printed up more paperwork, and ran to get her as fast as I could. She wasn’t traumatized or anything as I feared, just exasperated that I was so late.

4) While drawing up paperwork, mother-in-law arrived to clean the bathroom walls to prep for painting. She was quick – in and out and took off while still signing paperwork.

5) Realtor left, I started to get ready for my mom to arrive to paint. Got bathroom under-sink cupboards organized and pared down. Cleaned some walls, started to remove things that were in the way. Sprayed some bleach/water on the corners to kill the last of the mold.

6) Mom arrived. Got a call from the young lady that took Fish, our last delinquent male dog that ate our carpet. She wanted to adopt Cloud!!!!! Had seen the ad on craigslist and remembered Cloud & was ready for Fish to have a companion and thought Cloud was perfect since already known each other and gotten along so well. Mom and I worked on some prep work (taking off towel rods and cleaning some baseboards) while we waited for young lady to arrive, and bring Fish for a visit.

7) Fish and young lady arrive! Cloud gets to know him again. She is here for over an hour talking and chatting while dogs get used to each other again. Fish is HUGE – as in beefy and looking magnificent! So relieved to have Cloud going somewhere where I KNOW she’ll be taken care of. Fish is the proof! He looked great and she’s had him for months, maybe almost a year. She is a massage therapist, and offered to give me a free pregnancy massage to see how I liked it. She is also an investor in homes and might buy our house!!

8) When she left I was on cloud nine. No pun intended. 🙂 Cloud, get it? No more blocking furniture!! Cleaning up dirt!! Wiping dog snot off of windows!! No more closing all the doors so things don’t get chewed while we’re gone! No more having to put the toilet seat down if I don’t want dogs drinking out of them!! And the list goes on. But P had a little meltdown and had to be comforted for a while. She seems fine tonight, though I’m sure she’ll get teary about it a few times in the next few days again.

9) Mom and I finally got to work painting. Got a good first coat on the whole bathroom, including ceiling and it looks great. Now just to get one more coat on it. Then she took us to dinner at Chick-fil-A.

10) Kids and I came home and watched our Netflix movie, Journey to Center of the Earth, which we all enjoyed surprisingly enough, even though it wasn’t a cartoon. The kids went to bed a little before 9 and I’m hoping they’ll let me sleep in a little.

11) Tomorrow, picking up a free box spring from craigslist and hopefully going shopping for some maternity clothes with my mom. We’ll see. Just tentative right now. I’m tired from this stressful full week without K, but all in all a lot has happened and I feel good about what’s been done and what I’ve done. Except for not enough workouts and too much eating, but oh well.

That wasn’t a very good list. Oh, well.


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