Tuesday – he’s been gone 4.5 days

March 2, 2010 at 8:49 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

So. Today.

Got up business as usual. P to school, K2 and I at the house.

I decided to make granola bars – and made up my own recipe. They are pretty good – DENSE, but good. I already have ideas for how to make them better next time.

Dad came and started pulling baseboards to prep the kitchen for the ceramic tile. I helped as much as I could without getting in the way.

Went and got P from school.

Fed the kids. Helped Dad some more. Dad hung the closet doors in the bedrooms upstairs and helped me put P’s bed frame back together and set up. Pulled more baseboards. I helped some more. I have a lot more baseboards to paint. Put K2 down for a nap. Ate lunch (tortilla pizza with cream cheese/refried black beans/cauliflower/zucchini/cheese). Fed Dad lunch. Helped P with her homework. Helped Dad some more.

Dad finished up with baseboards about 3:30. P went across the street to play with neighbor kids when she saw one of them outside. Dad left shortly before 4:00. I started dinner. Roasted butternut squash, turkey/black bean burgers (tried to make up a recipe – they were bland and mushy). Went and got P with K2 when it was almost done shortly before 5:00. Ate dinner, some of us more than others. Surprisingly, P finished her whole half burger and butternut.

Cleaned up after dinner. Watched Up with the kids. Now its almost bedtime and I am going to have to work out even though my feet hurt. Because I’m afraid if I don’t work out I’ll start eating and not stop. I’m tired, but I know I need to work out. I’m up to 211.5 lbs this morning. Too much weight gain! I’m 18 weeks tomorrow.

Set up for ARC to come get a bunch of stuff on Thursday. Tomorrow is garbage day, so hopefully they’ll take the stack of trash next to the can that didn’t fit inside. Then all that’s left to get out of the garage is the borrowed rototiller and the carpet scraps. And of course the baseboards that I’m going to have to paint and stack somewhere.

Dad suggested today that he install the tile the week I’m in Japan. So that gives me a deadline of March 19 to have everything else done and ready so that when I get back the house is ready for showing. I didn’t realize until today that my Japan trip was so close; there’s been so much else on my mind. It is only 17 days away!! And I have almost no clothes that fit – great.

K’s been gone for 4.5 days. I miss him terribly. But I also feel like I’m getting stuff done more efficiently without him here. Something about him being here makes me have a tendency to wait for him. Wait for him to wake up. Wait for him to make the decision. Wait for him to start so that I can help him. With him gone, there’s only me. So there’s nothing to wait for. So I just dive right in and get it done. I’m probably lifting too much, so I need to be more careful. But its so frustrating to see something slightly heavy and think, “oh, I can lift that, but I shouldn’t. So now I have to wait until I can schedule someone out of their busy schedule to come help me lift that thing that I can lift myself.” But I know I need to be careful.

So that’s today so far. Workout tonight is going to be 15 min BWO+ Intermediate and then 20 minutes of walking. Last night was the full Tempo Intermediate. Eats today have been pretty moderate.

  • Morning smoothie: 1.5 cups frozen tropical fruit, 2 handfuls spinach, almond milk, .5 cup plain yogurt, T ground flax, .5 frozen banana, 1/8 t of guar gum and xanthan gum (first time trying – wasn’t enough to make a difference, I won’t be afraid of it next time)
  • hard boiled egg and a granola bar
  • tortilla veggie pizza
  • sips of kefir
  • roasted butternut squash, turkey black bean burger w/ pepper jack cheese and lettuce on sandwich thin
  • granola bar
  • Probably going to have a yogurt after my workout

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