Time is Flying – Already March

March 1, 2010 at 7:13 pm (General Life Updates)

Well, Friday was an emotional day. After writing my last post, a lot took place. The carpet was finished around 11, about the same time K and friend were leaving to go to the dump. While he was at the dump, I went inside and bagged up all the scraps (there are a LOT), and then got started vacuuming the stairs and our room. It looks GREAT!!!!

K got home and started trying to do everything at once. We made some throw rugs for entryways from the carpet scraps, burning the edges in hopes it will keep them from fraying. Then he packed, caulked the bathtub, and tried to hang the closet doors, unsuccessfully. Packed some more. Then we had a family prayer and said goodbye to him – this is where it got emotional. P didn’t stop crying for an hour and a half, and I cried unexpectedly but got over it quicker. He left with his mom around 1:15, so not too bad considering all he had to do. He didn’t pull the nails out for me so I gave it another whirl while he was doing all his other stuff and was pretty successful.

After he left, I was pretty wiped out emotionally. K2 took a nap and P and I did homework and relaxed for a while. I think something else happened that afternoon, but I can’t remember. Mom was going to bring down a mattress for K2 to sleep on right after work, but when she heard how tired I was and how upset P had been, she decided to go home first, get Dad, and come down and take us to dinner. We went to Johnny Carino’s and it was nice. The kids were pretty well-behaved and scarfed so much bread they barely touched their dinner. Oh, well. After dinner, we discussed our options for fixing the kitchen floor at the house and actually packed up to head back out to Home Depot and take a look at what tiles were on sale. Basically, Dad volunteered to help me get the floor fixed with ceramic tile instead of linoleum. He’s never done it before, but he’s very intelligent and handy, so I have high hopes we’ll be able to figure it out. We think we can keep the total price under $250, which is what I was hoping for (though less would be better).

By the time we got back again and my parents left after some more discussion, the kids watched a cartoon to wind down, it was almost 9:30. I hoped that putting them to bed so late would help them sleep in so that I could sleep in on Saturday morning. I was exhausted, but for some reason I chose to stay up until about 11.

Saturday morning, the kids slept in until 8 and then let me sleep until a little after 9. K2 has been quite enjoying his twin size mattress upgrade from his crib mattress, but he is also free to get up when he wakes up instead of just hanging out and letting the rest of us sleep late.

We had a couple errands to run, so after breakfast we got ready and loaded up. We went to the post office to mail a couple of things, went to the pawn shop to pay down on some of K’s pawned items, went to the library (where I’d hoped to check out some books from me, but the kids made it impossible so I just got a couple books for them), and then stopped at the park outside the library for the kids to play for a bit. We got home from all that around 2 and K2 went down for a nap. P finished here homework while I worked on organizing the garage so that I knew where everything was, felt good about the stacks, and had room to stack more. It took quite a while, but I feel much better about the garage’s organization now. I still have to get rid of all the carpet scraps, return a borrowed rototiller, take some stuff to Good Will or Arc. Gotta put P’s bed back together and hang closet doors.

Saturday evening I tried to cook some ahi steaks with rice and veggies, but I thought the ahi steaks were nasty, so we just had rice bowls with zucchini and cauliflower and cheese – I had mine with cashews, a little coconut milk, and raisins as well. They were pretty good, but they didn’t keep us full for long, so I made us a yummy fruit smoothie later that had flax meal in it. Which apparently causes us all to have diarrhea. P woke up in the night with an upset tummy, and finally went back to bed after going potty, and K2 woke me up at 3:30 to inform me he was poopy. It was an interesting night.

Sunday was church as usual, without K to help us get ready or go with us. It was sad. Thankfully, K2 behaved pretty well in sacrament for me, and it wasn’t my turn to conduct or do sharing time during Primary. So it wasn’t too bad. After church, we had a snack and left pretty soon for Mom and Dad’s for dinner. Dinner was quite boring (not the food -I wasn’t very entertaining company last night), and we came home for the kids to have a snack and go to bed. I stayed up too late again – after 11.

So, that brings us to today. I made a drastic budgeting error and was lucky I didn’t bounce anything. This morning, took P to school as usual and came home to have breakfast and get a little presentable (not very) and then headed out again to the DMV to register the H3. There were 30 numbers to be called to get to my number when we got there, so I was just hoping that 2 hours was long enough to get it done before we had to get P from school. It was and we were home about 10:30, where I had to find some screws to screw the plates on. Haven’t had to do that for myself in over 6 years. It was 60 more than I thought it was going to be, so that was a nasty shock. Came home to borrow money from Mom to live on for the next couple days, especially since I was going to go shopping today.

Picked up P from school and then started grocery shopping. Didn’t get a lot at each store, but there were certain things I really wanted to get today, so we ended up going to 3 different stores to get everything, Walmart, King Soopers, and Vitamin Cottage. By the time we left V.C., K2 was exhausted and had fallen asleep. So I put him down first thing when we got home, unloaded the groceries, got everything put away, fed P and I something (I think I had some leftover pizza from Carino’s Friday night that the kids hadn’t eaten), and got started painting baseboards. I think I’ve got them all sufficiently white – all got two coats.

Then I made dinner. K2 woke up and came downstairs around 4:40, and I’d already started dinner. We had mac & cheese with hotdogs and steamed zucchini. But I added minced brocoli and butternut squash soup to the mac&cheese and cut the butter down a little. I thought it was pretty good – and the kids never even realized the soup was in there. P wasn’t happy about the brocolli, so next I make it if I have butternut squash soup on hand I’ll just add that and not the minced brocoli. K2 ate it up. I also used turkey hot dogs instead of regular. Since K’s not here to object and say they’re nasty, the kids are having to put up with some different foods. I think this week sometime I’m going to make turkey/black bean burgers. And we might have more rice/veggie bowls – or other no-meat dinners.

Oh, Saturday night I worked out for the first time in a long time. I did T-Tapp Tempo Intermediate and was shocked at how much strength and endurance I’ve already lost. I will be doing it again tonight, and I’m actually looking forward to it. If I don’t make muddybuddies afterward (like I did Sat after my workout), I might even gain some ground.

This is a long and boring post just detailing what I’ve been up to. It is a busy time for me, and we’re all adjusting to K being gone. I’ve lost my temper a few times – the kids are getting a lot of apologies. Hopefully, we’ll get better at this. They miss their dad, and K2 doesn’t even understand or realize why he’s gone. I miss him, too, but I’m re-finding my inner independent woman – she’s been kind of hibernating for a while.


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