Feeling Pretty Good this Friday Morning

February 26, 2010 at 10:55 am (General Life Updates)

Last night, K didn’t get home until 10:45. I was kind of bummed he was so late, since we had a lot to do. While I was waiting, I edged as much of the stairwell as I could reach, folded and put away about 3 loads of laundry, ate too much, watched a little TV, cleaned some doors and doorjams. I put the kids down somewhere in the middle of all that, in their rooms with the new clean carpet. 🙂 I put P’s new curtain rod in so her curtains are on a suspension rod in the window instead of on a broken suspension rod hung on two nails.

When he got home, we set right to work painting the stairwell. Which looks streaky in places this morning, so kinda bummed about that because we did our best to put 2 layers everywhere so it would be done. I think I can get to the streaky areas with a roller on my dad’s extension pole, so I’m not too freaked out. We finished painting a little after midnight and set to work emptying our room of the little that was left so that K could pull out the carpet. Then we settled in to watch Psych (I’d already watched it while waiting for him to get home) while the chemical that he put on the pad dried so we could put our bed back and go to sleep.

K woke me up in the chair at 2 AM saying he had the bed ready and we could go to bed. So I guess I got about 45 minutes more sleep than he did since I snoozed so well in the chair. But he slept in this morning about an hour longer than I did, so we’re even. I konked right after climbing into bed.

This morning, I got dressed and got P ready for school, took her to school, fed K2 and I some breakfast, and then vacuumed our room’s edges as K was working on pulling up the carpet on the stairs. Then I vacuumed those – they were so dirty around the edges that it was crazy! And all the dust and dirt that settled at the bottom of the steps when he pulled the carpet all out! Whoa. Anyway, I sucked it all up, right in time for E (carpet guy) to arrive and get started.

Also, K took off right as E got here to go get the checks, deposit them, run by the pawn shop, and get P from school. Then he has to high-tail it back here to meet the guy that’s letting him use his truck this morning shortly after 10 to take stuff to the dump – which is crazy expensive by the way!

After dump runs, he’s still got to pack and load up as much of his stuff as he can in his sister’s little car so that he and his mom can leave for UT. It is VERY real to me today that he is leaving us (not in the divorce or separation kind of way)  TODAY and we won’t have him here until the next long weekend he can get off of work to come home for a day. I will be on my own. If I want to go out, I’ll have to take both kids.

And there’s still so much to do. My dad is going to be super-irritated that I’m going to be asking for his help so much. For stuff K COULD have gotten done before he left if we’d kicked it into high gear a week earlier. Nothing I can do about it now, but my hands just WON’T caulk the whole kitchen counter – I have wimpy hands apparently.

This morning while I’ve been killing time while E installs carpet, I found a few more baseboards to scrape. I can’t get the nails out, though, so K is going to have to spend about 10 minutes doing that (could have been done months ago). When the carpet is in, I’ll vacuum up there, and K’s going to have to to help me put our bed back and the doors back on all the closets. He’s hoping to get out of here by 11, but I think he’s delusional. He won’t be back from getting P until 10:25 or so. Then load up, go to the dump, and possibly come back for second load (hopefully not – $$$$). Then pack, hang closet doors, put our bed back, pull nails from few baseboards, caulk our bathtub one more time (needs another layer on top of the one he put on Wed evening). I’m thinking, he’ll be lucky if he’s out of here by 1 or 2 PM.

Over and out.


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