Day Almost Gone

February 25, 2010 at 7:14 pm (General Life Updates)

Today was almost as useless, but not quite.

The Good:

1) Carpet guy came and installed carpet in the kids’ rooms and the landing at the top of the stairs. He’s coming back in the morning at 8:30 to install our room and the stairs. Yippeee! It looks great, and even smells like new carpet after sitting in the garage for 2 years! Miracles!

2) I got the baseboards de-nailed and scraped of caulk (with some help from K). So now they just have to be painted and put back on. I’m going to call my dad and see if he can come on Saturday to help me put them back on. Hoping to be able to paint them tomorrow or Saturday morning.

3) Got some groceries, mainly some oatmeal since we were totally out and I can’t go without oatmeal!! Also got some fruit and yogurt and some cereal. Looked at the drapes and now I’m just deciding what color to go with.

4) After tomorrow, the carpet will be all done!! Yay again!

The Bad:

1) No painting. Since he was installing carpet this morning, and K doesn’t have a car to take to UT, he spent the afternoon at a dealership while we went grocery shopping. And it didn’t even work out! Right now, the plan is to go with his mom in his sister’s car, and then his mom will drive back his sister’s car and leave her car in UT for K to use. A temporary solution, so not ideal. But its all we got, and time’s up.

2) Aside from the carpet installation (which wasn’t done by me) and the scraping of the baseboards, nothing much was done on the house today. Its been snowing – we haven’t taken the stuff to the dump (old carpet, mattress, big slats of linoleum and wood).

3) There’s so much more to be done, and K is leaving sometime tomorrow. Just the things we need to get done tomorrow are kind of too much to get done and still leave him time to drive to UT. He has to pack, take stuff to a dump (only if he can find a truck to use), go to the JP office and get his check, cash it, deposit it, pay the carpet guy (who will be here at 8:30 and probably done and gone before we can get the checks done), and the painting in the stairwell. Then, there’s the stuff that K can’t get done but that I don’t know how to do. Like figure out how to fix the kitchen floor. K’s sister apparently has a sheet of linoleum, so we’re waiting to find out how big it is (we need 250 sq ft) to see if it will work for our kitchen. Then, we have to find someone to install it and make sure we can pay them.

3) [I had this in the OK section, and then I had to move it to the Bad. This is Bad.] I don’t want Cloud here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But K is taking me at my word literally that he has until the house is on the market to find her a home, so I’m stuck with her until the house is ready. Only, she makes it that much harder to get the house ready! Every time she pushes the curtains aside with her nose and sits to look out the window, she gets dirt on the corner of the curtains and dirt on the window, and WORSE, dirt on the corner of the wall right there where there’s new paint. Every time she decides to roll around on the carpet to itch her back is that much less new carpet smell that we’ll have, and that much more white hair stuck in the carpet.

The OK:

1) We’re going to paint when K gets home from work. Unfortunately, he’s decided to take his old two employees to his last night of work, have them help him get done quickly, and then take them to pizza in Canon City. So who knows how long he will be. To ameliorate this issue, I’ve decided to start without him. I can definitely edge some of it and put a double coat on all the areas I can reach that still need it. So after writing this, I’m going to go change my clothes and get some of it done before the kids go to bed, and a little after before K gets home. That should help us not have to stay up too late tonight.

2) There are a lot of things I need to be doing when I’m sitting on my butt. Like cleaning window tracks, doors, and door frames. This is something K probably wasn’t going to do even if he was here, so I need to take the time I have and just do it. After tomorrow, I’m going to have a lot of alone time with the kids – so I need to spend it with them and doing productive things instead of sitting on this computer wailing about how much needs to be done!

 3) There’s a lot of reorganizing to do. Stuff to move back upstairs, stuff to get rid of. Stacks to situate differently in the garage so that I can keep stacking boxes out there without it being a disaster. This might take some muscle and I’m strong enough to do it. But I’m not sure I should be lifting that much stuff pregnant. And I don’t think I’m going to convince K that its important enough to do tonight or tomorrow when there’s so much other stuff to do.

So I’m stressed out, as usual. That’s the status.


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