Countdown to single mom

February 24, 2010 at 7:21 pm (General Life Updates)

More painting has occurred. Only thing left to paint is second coat on stairwell and our bathroom and then the baseboards for downstairs.

Carpet is supposed to go in tomorrow – it didn’t happen Monday because of a big snowstorm. I’m praying for no snow tomorrow so it can get done.

Today, I was about useless. I got up and took P to school, after a night of P waking up twice crying that her legs hurt and K2 waking up once to bawl for a while and then again at 6 AM to go downstairs and start whispering “Mom, Mom” in the dark. So I called him back upstairs and put him in bed with us and then he and K went back to sleep while I struggled until my alarm went off at 7. So after feeding K2 and myself breakfast, I sat in the easy chair and ended up sleeping until 11 when I had to get P from school. K left at 10 to go fix the truck, which was supposed to take 1.5 hours. He didn’t get home until after 2 PM. So while I waited for him, I cleaned a couple of dirty doors, baseboards, and doorjams. But I didn’t feel like much got done today. In K’s defense, he quickly filled the holes in in the backyard and scraped our bathtub for caulking tomorrow before he left for work.

I made green eggs (brocolli) for dinner. I had mine in a tortilla with some spinach and cheese. I also made butternut squash soup today, which turned out pretty yummy.

The kids are in the bath now and then they’re going to watch a Netflix movie. I already mentally know that I won’t be working out. I just don’t have it in me these days as we’re getting ready for K to leave us. Day after tomorrow. Ugh.

Tomorrow, so much has to happen. Painting, carpet, and righ tnow K doesn’t have a car to take to Utah in 2 days. So he might be spending some time at a couple of dealerships tomorrow. Oh man. I’ll keep you posted.


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