I’ll have chocolate on my oats if I want to….

February 21, 2010 at 10:31 am (General Life Updates)

Cuz its my birthday.

Was up for an hour during the night with some bad diarrhea. Awful. Too much information? Probably. I was up at 3 and basically didn’t get back to sleep until 4 with multiple trips to the bathroom. Didn’t think I was ever going to get back to sleep.

Kids woke up in P’s room from their second night of slumber partying on their mattresses on the floor at 7:20. I heard them go downstairs to watch TV at 7:30. No sleeping in for them. Thankfully, K2 didn’t come back upstairs to bug us about being hungry until about 8:45, when I promptly told him to buy K instead of me, thinking in my head “I better not have to tell him its my birthday and I shouldn’t have to get up!” He did get up, but I don’t think its because he remembered it was my birthday. He didn’t remember that until I reminded him after putting a whole bunch of white chocolate chips on my oatmeal. “Have some oats with your chocolate why don’t you?” he says. And I said, “I will. Its my birthday, and I will.” So then he started yelling happy birthday and singing. Doesn’t mean as much as if he’d started doing it without my saying anything. I really need to remember that on his birthday (though he won’t be here) and make sure I act right away upon getting up to make sure he knows I am celebrating him on that day. We were with his family all evening last night, and not one of them mentioned my birthday.

Yes, we had yunzies last night at K’s mom’s house. It was a fun gathering, but I overate and was uncomfortable for the last hour we were there with the brewing diarrhea. But we did have fun. K2 and P had fallen asleep in the chair while we took a shower to get ready to go, and K2 was so upset and emotional when we woke him up to go that he cried for almost an hour. He wanted K to hold him and when we got there he didn’t let K move from off the couch with K2 in his lap for about 30 minutes. When we finally got him to eat some dinner he perked up and went to play with all the cousins.

Today is church. The kids are taking baths right now. I’ll start getting ready soon. Get to tell people at church about moving today!!! I was worried during the night that the diarrhea was going to keep me home today, but though it hasn’t stopped it has let up so I think I’ll be fine.

I’m a little worried as to what is causing it. I haven’t eaten super-differently in the last week and this has been going on for about 3-4 days now. I think it might be all the fresh fruit we’ve had since we went shopping, so I’m going to pull back on that and focus on all the vegetables we got that have been neglected for all the yummy fruit.

Tonight we’re going to my parents’ for dinner. K’s last Sunday dinner there before he leaves. I don’t know what they’ll make for my b-day dinner, but it will be good whatever it is since it always is. It will probably be a typical Sunday dinner and not anything special. But like I said, its always good.

We also have to get the rest of the carpet pulled up today, and if we can possibly squeeze it in, one more room painted (our room). Just so its done before the new carpet goes in Monday. These aren’t really Sunday activities, but we’re crunched for time now and might have to do it anyway.

I’m going to go get some snacks ready for church and gather up the kids’ one toy and all the stuff I have to take. Over and out.


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