Friday’s Recap

February 19, 2010 at 8:43 pm (General Life Updates)

Let’s see now. Today has been packed, again. I’m not complaining, just tired. But I haven’t really stopped so I haven’t really crashed yet, either.

I’ll list.

  • Exercised. Yay for me!!
  • Ate a good breakfast, and a pretty good lunch. Pretty good dinner, too, and I remembered that dinner had to be done and thought of something in advance!
  • With help from MIL, edged the downstairs wall last time, another coat on the two short walls that had to be finished. Used paint from when the house was built to edge the ceiling to cover up those splotches of paint we accidentally got on the ceiling.
  • Painted K2’s room completely with the white paint. It looks great!
  • K moved everything out of K2’s room and out of P’s room and pulled up the carpet in those two rooms and in the landing.
  • K packed a bunch more stuff out of our room and took more furniture to the garage.
  • K also caulked the kids’ bathtub one more time to make sure it was very well caulked. We’ll give it a couple days to dry, and then we’ll scrape our tub and caulk it really well.
  • Went through P’s play drawers with her and consolidated. Made her pick the stuff she liked the most (for example, made her choose three erasers from the pile of about 30 erasers she’s brought home from school to keep and we tossed the rest). Cut out the front picture on all the little kids’ puzzles and put them in baggies with the picture so that we could put them all in a shoe box in one of her drawers. This exercise made it so that she is only using one drawer for her “stuff”, one drawer for their puzzles, and now K2 gets a drawer in the bottom of the little plastic drawer-set for his cars. He’s still working on the concept of having his own drawer.
  • Did the dishes.
  • Put the covers to all the outlets and light switches back on downstairs. Now all that needs to be done is to paint the baseboards and put them back on, and then paint the baseboards in the bathroom and little hallway and wash down the walls in the bathroom really well. Decided not to paint in there, but that may change depending on how well the walls wash. There were a lot of “w’s” in that sentence.
  • Made dinner.
  • Did the dishes again.

The biggest accomplishments from today are obviously all the walls we got painted, and starting to rip up the carpet. The pad is this weird pink color, and the kids are going to have to be careful of the staples for a couple days. They are also sleeping in the same room tonight, which might mean that I’m not going to get much sleep. They’ll both just be on their mattresses. Hmmm.

My mom will be here at 10 am tomorrow to help paint some more. Still to paint: P’s room, our room, our bathroom, the landing, the stairwell, the baseboards. I hope to get P’s room, our room, and the landing done tomorrow. If there is time for Mom and I to go out after painting for some shopping or something, that would be nice. It is my birthday Sunday, after all.

We decided today to look into how much it would be to buy a sheet of laminate and have Home Depot install it for us rather than use the linoleum tiles that K purchased and was going to install in the kitchen. If the price is reasonable, and right around the price of returning the tiles, that’s what we’ll do instead. Not looking forward to either option, but I hope we can afford to do it because I think it will turn out better and be more durable than our previous plan.

I might not get to pack the kitchen until after K leaves. There is so much to do still before he goes, and just not enough time. And as much as I’d love his help and input, packing the kitchen is something I can do alone. The garage is piled high and half-full of all our “packing”. I just think it would be better to store that stuff off-site for sell-ability of the house. A two car garage that is half storage just won’t be visually appealing, I don’t think. Some of the stuff will come back inside, like the kids’ toys that are out there right now. But most of it we can do without. All developing stuff that I just am not sure how its going to turn out.

I’m looking forward to Sunday so that I can finally start telling people about the move. I considered making an announcement on Facebook, but then people that aren’t on Facebook might not hear it from me, and I don’t like that idea. Plus, there are plenty of people on Facebook that I’m friends with that just don’t need to know that I’m moving. So I’m going to start telling people in person on Sunday, and it will be a huge relief.

That’s all.


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