Trying to get ‘er done

February 17, 2010 at 8:35 pm (General Life Updates)

Feeling better about today’s accomplishments. Don’t want to work out tonight, but I know I should, especially since I binged last night.

Today, I packed a bunch of boxes, spent almost 2 hours in the garage with K filling up the garbage can and organizing the chaos out there so that we have a place to stack the boxes I’m packing. I think I packed about twelve or thirteen boxes today. Most of the linens, games, stuff from the kids’ closets that aren’t their clothes. I sold a bassinet and two nightstands on craigslist and made 45 dollars. Plus went through a cupboard that had old paperwork, CDs, cords, and more CDs blank and with computer stuff burned on them. In going through the mail in there, I tore through an envelope that I thought was junk mail, only to find that I’d torn through a 10 dollar bill that had been sent me in response to some survey that I’d taken online. I taped it back together. πŸ™‚ So by packing and selling things on craigslist, I made $55 today! Yippee! In the cupboard below the junk cupboard were two more cupboards where we kept the DVDs, so I packed those into a couple book boxes. So that little white cupboard is now empty. I went through the cupboards over the washer and dryer, and got them paired down in a big way. A lot of it was junk – old boxes for old cell phones and stuff like that. So that looks a lot better now, because I emptied them enough that the stuff I haven’t packed fit all in the cupboards instead of inside and lining the top up by the ceiling.

The house is full of empty boxes stacked up that we brought in from the garage to make room for organizing out there. After I’ve packed everything I can think of everywhere else, I’m going to start packing the kitchen, leaving just the stuff we use on a daily and few-times-a-week basis. With all this stacked in the garage, I think the house is going to be downright blissful with space. Too bad I can’t just toss it all. πŸ™‚

I communicated with work today that I wasn’t going to get one of the tasks done that they had wanted me to do, but that I REALLY didn’t want to do. So that has left me free to finish the task I DO want to finish, so I think I might work on that a little tonight and get some hours in. I have a lot of documents to upload to the website; it isn’t complicated but it is time-consuming waiting for the computer to upload each batch and then labeling all the documents and checking them in. So I should get some hours over the next week and a half doing that – and any funds coming in are always needed. πŸ™‚

K got some parts for the truck today and also had the garage fix some stuff that he can’t do here at the house. So he is fixing up to have a vehicle to take to Utah and commute with while he’s there, which isΒ a huge relief. We got an extension on our registration on the H3 until the end of the month, so we shouldn’t be getting pulled over and fined for expired temporary tags. Which is also a relief. K finally gave notice at his last account today, telling them the last night he’d clean it is next Thursday – his last night here. I’m kind of bummed he’s not going to stop sooner – but again the money will be used and it doesn’t take too long. So its a relief that he has given them notice and that is for sure now. K got a hold of the guy that he grew up with that installs carpet, and he is coming tomorrow to measure off the area and tell us how much he’d charge. Relief. I arranged with my mother to paint for a couple hours with her Saturday morning, and then go do something. Relief. A lot of relief items going on today.

I have stacks everywhere – stacks for my MIL, stacks for my mom, stacks for Good Will, stacks for free stuff I have posted on craigslist. I will be excited each time a stack disappears.

This weekend is my birthday. I’ll be 34 on Sunday. Not too thrilled with that number, but whatever. I don’t feel that old – most of the time. πŸ™‚ So I’ll spend some time with Mom on Saturday, maybe go bowling with K’s family Saturday night. Or on a date with K if we can afford it; we were going to go to Phantom Canyon restaurant for my birthday but we’ll see. Sunday might be a family dinner with my Mom and Dad or K’s. Then next week is K’s last week here. Crazy.

We decided today to start telling people in our ward. So that will probably start happening this weekend at church, or perhaps sooner if I get emailing someone and decide to announce it. I have a feeling no matter who I tell first, word will get around fast. But someone is probably going to be offended that I didn’t tell them personally, or first, or whatever. People are so silly! So hopefully that won’t happen. Anyway, I’m relieved about that, too. Its been hard not to talk to my friends (not BEST friends, but still friends) about this as I’ve been so stressed about it all over the last few weeks.

We found out yesterday that we’ll have benefits through K’s work as of June 1. So I’ll have about 2 months of doctor’s care before my due date. I’m a little worried that June 1 is about 2 weeks after my 28 week mark, when the gestational diabetes test is supposed to happen. So I might have to “save up” (yeah right) and go get it done at a lab on my own. We shall see. If I can just manage to eat reasonably instead of binging every other night, I don’t think it would be a problem, but I guess you never know. Now, that’s assuming that we’re in Utah with K by June 1, and I just don’t know. Our house would have to sell like wild-fire for that to happen. But I have hope.

This has been a long post. There’s been a lot going on. So I’ll stop now.


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