Trying to convince myself

February 16, 2010 at 7:27 pm (General Life Updates)

So P started puking about 45 minutes ago. And she definitely didn’t make it to the toilet. She had to take a bath, and so did the chair and much of the floor. And she still feels yucky. So I’m thinking she’s got it worse than K2 had it yesterday, and she’s probably not going to be ready for school tomorrow. Wow. She’s missed a lot of school in the last month. I keep telling myself its only kindergarten, but I worry that she’ll miss something important! The last time she went back after missing 3 days, she was told it was her little best buddy’s last day before moving to Texas. So she was pretty upset that day and I felt bad that she hadn’t had those 3 previous days to spend more time with her little friend.

Other than P’s come-and-go stomach troubles today, it hasn’t been nearly as productive as I’d hoped for. And now I’m in a mood to eat a lot of food that I don’t need and not work out. I’m hoping I can talk myself into better behavior, but I honestly can’t predict the outcome right now. K2 refused to eat his dinner, at all, so I’m going to have to feed him something else soon now that he’s hungry and K is gone to work. P hasn’t eaten anything in a couple hours, but I’m worried she needs to get something into her system, especially now that she’s puked out everything from about noon on. I made dinner – chicken bits in balsamic vinegar, quinoa, and roasted asparagus and cauliflower. I had this with a salad, and I thought my dinner was really good. K seemed to enjoy it, too. But like I said, K2 refused it outright, which he only got away with because his sister wasn’t at the table with us. And shortly after dinner is when she started puking.

I’d like to have worked out tonight – a short run and some pushups or something. But like I said, I’m wanting to eat, and eat, and eat. I’m frustrated that all I got done today was packing some books and all our games, picking up some book boxes from my MIL that I’m going to have to transfer almost everything I’ve packed into because they’re smaller and more heftable, and doing some dishes, and cleaning up puke. And making dinner. But it doesn’t seem like a lot at all compared to what we NEEd to be getting done. I’m so worried I can barely see straight.


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