Valentine’s Day Weekend

February 14, 2010 at 8:49 pm (General Life Updates)

The most Valentine’s-y thing about my weekend has been all the smarties hearts I’ve eaten. K wanted to go last night and get the kids and I each a little V-day basket, but I basically talked him out of it. The kids have a pretty much endless supply of candy anyway for whatever reason, and I don’t need one more little teddy bear to clutter up the house. I told him how much I appreciated the thought, but that it wasn’t necessary. Is that bad of me?

Anyway, yesterday I got some dishes done, swept the first floor, cleaned the bathtub really well, and worked out for 40 minutes. Then last night we went to K’s mom’s house for dinner and chatting about the ending of his mom’s 2-year marriage, which is pretty devastating for various reasons (she just moved back here from Utah this week as it ended). It was an emotional evening.

We had baked potatoes, fried chicken and a great green salad for dinner, and when we got home I went and got myself a spoonbender. Yum. Fattening, but yum. Its been a weekend of horrendous eating, partially because of the limited options in the house (NEED to go grocery shopping) and partially out of laziness on my part to stick to an eating schedule.

Today, we had church after K made pancakes for breakfast and we got the kids bathed. My sharing time didn’t go too badly, and I’m glad its over until the second Sunday of March – my next turn. This afternoon has been an afternoon of hanging out – K made oatmeal cookies, we played Go Fish, Red Light Green Light, and Duck Duck Goose with the kids. We sang some church primary songs and had a bible story as a kind of mini-Family-Home-Evening. K made a weird dinner, which we’ve eaten in shifts as we’ve gotten hungry.

Its almost time to put the kids to bed, and then I’m sure we won’t be up for too much longer. Tomorrow P doesn’t have school, but K will have to work at 6 PM as usual. He gives his notice for this last account tomorrow night, though, so that will be one more step to him being gone. We’re also that much closer to needing to tell people we’re leaving. Not sure what we’re going to do tomorow other than grocery shop – perhaps a little bit of painting, some cleaning, some packing, or maybe we can work on organizing and tossing the garage (bundled up if tonight’s temperature is any indication of tomorrow’s weather).

I also have a goal to work out. I’ve decided this baby is going to let me sleep much more soundly when I work out – Friday night after not working out for 2 days was pretty miserable sleep.


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