February 12, 2010 at 4:06 pm (General Life Updates)

So I go from having a couple of pretty productive days to being a useless pile today.

Yesterday, K and I set out to run some errands with the kids in tow. We were going to stop by Plato’s Closet, as I mentioned, go to Home Depot to price out the supplies we need to decide if we were going to borrow the money from my parents, swing by a dealership to check out the Suburban K had seen online, and maybe go to the Asian market so I could try and find a kabocha squash to try out.

We got as far as the dealership. We checked out the Suburban. It was REALLY nice, with lots of bells and whistles that we don’t NEED but would of course love. We fell into the lap of a very good salesman. And we were there for about 3.5 hours. By the time we left (WITHOUT the Suburban – go US!), we were all tired – at least I was mentally anyway. We swung by Plato’s Closet really quickly, where they politely but firmly turned down buying my clothes – siting that those brands hadn’t been selling for them (Gap and Express). I think it was just because the styles were too old. I would definitely still wear all those clothes, if I could fit into them. Then we ordered pizza from Black Jack on the way home and picked it up. And that’s where my uselessness started.

We got home, I ate pizza and cinnabread. And then kept eating all evening long. I didn’t seem to have it in me to change my clothes and work out. I didn’t even have it in me to get up off the chair at 10:45 and go to bed – I was going to sleep right there until K decided to go upstairs. But he decided to go upstairs right then, so I drrraaagggeeeddd myself out of the recliner and stumped upstairs with him to flop into bed and conk without brushing my teeth or washing my face. Gross, I know. Only to be woken up 40 minutes later in a daze when K2 started crying. I went and comforted him and then crashed back into bed, all without a peep from my DH.

Today, I got up at 6:40 to make sure P and I had enough time to get all her Valentine’s Day cards signed (K had to get them on his way home last night since we forgot amidst the dealership trauma). She was chipper about it, I was not. After taking her to school, I sat at the computer for a while, had breakfast at the computer, K2 watching TV after his breakfast. Dishes lined the kitchen counters, and the table was cluttered with stuff from last night’s pizza (mostly plates and napkins). Am I painting a picture here? Sheesh.

When K got up, I told him how I was dragging, and after we looked at places in UT on craigslist together for a while, I stumped back upstairs and fell into bed. I watched Private Practice, which seemed to wake me all the way up, and then tried to sleep. K wanted to go out and buy the supplies by himself (time alone he rarely gets unless he’s working), and I was all for that. But since I was in bed, sleeping unpeacefully, he decided to let me rest and took the kids with him to the store. I woke up (sort of, since my sleep was really light amidst the weird dreams) shortly after noon to realize he’d taken them and the house was silent. Aaaah. I travelled downstairs to get some food I didn’t need (pizza and a bowl of yogurt and some Valentine’s candy) and back upstairs to watch some more TV until they got home around 2.

I came down when I heard them all down here. They were eating lunch, and I joined them for a little bit of it. A taco and a few fries and sips of K’s Dr. Pepper. Then I did the dishes while K unloaded the supplies, installed one thing (a doorknob on the bathroom where Daisy used to be blocked in – she chewed the doorknob) and the kids played. P was going through her loot from her little V-day party today, and K2 was mostly getting upset about everything. After the dishes were done, and you could see the kitchen again, I put K2 down for a nap, despite his protests that “Daddy do it!!!!!” because Mommy is NEVER the desired person around here lately.

Now, I’m sitting here documenting my thus-far useless day, and K has left again with P to mail something at the UPS store and who knows what else. I hope he’s having a good day because I feel like a waste of space, and I don’t want him to feel like this. I love him so much – all he does for me, the little bits of thought that he aims at me all the time that I don’t always acknowledge or return. He’s an awesome father, friend, son, and husband, and I couldn’t ask for a better man to spend eternity with. Of course there are things – but I do plenty of “things” to vex and annoy him, also. I’m so grateful that he continues to love me, despite getting to know me better and better with each passing day. V-Day might be lame, but it is a good time to realize how blessed I am. Two wonderful children, a wonderful man to spend my life with, and fabulous, supportive family.

I might be useless today, but how can I continue to be useless with so much love and blessings surrounding me?


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