Money Making Closet?

February 11, 2010 at 12:04 pm (General Life Updates)

Last night K had the idea of taking the clothes we decide not to keep (if they’re nice enough) to Plato’s Closet to see if we can get any cash for them. So I started going through my closet this morning, mostly in the back where the dresses and skirts are that I can’t wear (too small). And I was surprised at how many Gap and Express items I had! Pleasant surprise since I figured most of my clothes weren’t brand name; I haven’t ever really cared about brand names. I have to wash a few of them to see if I can make them presentable enough (mostly just dust), but I’m hoping to get a few bucks out of them! Some of them I’ll be sad to give up, but this is from the same wave of clothes that I got rid of about 3 years ago – clothes that were bringing me down every time I opened a drawer and saw them and realized I couldn’t fit into them. Because these were in the back of my closet and I didn’t see them much, I just left them. So really, all their casual counterparts (slacks, jeans, shirts) have been long-gone. Anyway, we shall see if between my closet and K’s perhaps we can make a little money, while lightening our load for the move.

We’re going to go price out the supplies we need to finish our renovations today. I got the bright idea last night to borrow the money from Mom and Dad until the 26th when we’ll pay them back. But this way we can buy the stuff now and maybe even get all the tasks done (minus maybe painting upstairs) before K leaves. And take some of that stress off of me that I was writing about yesterday.

Gotta go pick up P from school.


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