Results of Hump Day Productiveness so far

February 10, 2010 at 8:19 pm (General Life Updates)

All three bathroom sinks and toilets cleaned. Three loads of laundry dried, one put away so far. Need to put away the rest. Three loads of dishes done. Floor swept. Almost all the rest of main floor painted. Dinner made, served, and cleaned up after. In the process of drying some pineapple chunks overnight.

Not bad for 7 PM. I’ll take that. Still to do: workout while watching Biggest Loser taped last night, shower, start dishwasher, have night snack (already shared a small bowl of homemade peanut butter balls with kids), put away those other 2 loads of laundry, put kids to bed after bedtime snacks, pjs, and teethbrushing. Go to bed.

Tomorrow: Unfortunately, its still too snowy and cold to go outside and do some of the other things we could do without money for renovation supplies, like clean up dog poop or carry the cinder blocks to the front yard so someone can come get them from craigslist, or organize/pack the garage. Brrr! Hoping to go through K’s and my clothes and figure out if we can get rid of anything.  Perhaps pack some of K’s clothes that he won’t need in next 2 weeks and isn’t going to take to Utah with him until we come to meet him. Put away pineapple chunks and clean dehydrator. The normal stuff of taking P to school, picking her up, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for family and myself, working out, doing dishes, at least one load of laundry. I don’t think we’re going to want to paint again tomorrow. Perhaps Friday.

Today it occurred to me that because we’ll be getting our next influx of cash to be able to buy supplies (need linoleum, more paint, caulk, carpet installation) on the same day K will be leaving town, there is no way we can have the house ready for market by the time he leaves. This distressed me greatly, while K was actually surprised that my goal was to have it market-ready by the time he left, like I was keeping this secret goal that totally flabbergasted him! He stressed that his mom and sister have agreed to offer assistance, but he doesn’t seem to agree with me that scheduling outside people, even if they’re family, isn’t easy. It has to be a day when they’re available amidst all their other responsibilities and commitments – not like they’re at my disposal 24/7. There will be a lot of hauling to do, packing, carpet to be installed, linoleum to be installed, floor boards to be put on, more painting to do. This is so overwhelming to me thinking about doing it without him, even with extended family near-by that is willing to help. And, as usual, there is never enough money, so who knows how short we’ll be with this coming check, and after that it will have to be his checks from his new job since I am now basically unemployed.

I’m stressed out. Which means I really need to work out tonight, but the more I typed that all out the less I felt like it. But I’ll do it anyway, because Biggest Loser should motivate and distract me. Gotta think about something else now that I’ve articulated my stress.


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