Hump Day

February 10, 2010 at 10:41 am (General Life Updates)

For some reason, my motivation and drive for all things healthy (eating, exercise, productive days) goes further and further downhill the less food we have in the house. As we get to empty fridge/empty cupboard/empty produce basket status, I start to lose focus and desire to get anything done. Its weird, and really unacceptable. Because when we’re running low on that stuff is when I should get more creative – using stuff in our pantry that gets ignored until we “don’t have food”, occupying myself with tasks around the house instead of nibbling away at the food we do have until it disappears faster than is economical.

Monday night, I did not work out. I ate too much – random stuff since all we have left in the house is random stuff. Something I did get done Monday night was packing a box full of all my fiction books, and going through a lot of the non-fiction books to cull out the books I don’t need to keep or move. By Tuesday afternoon, we had two big paper bags full of books for me to try and sell at the used book store, and a DVD season of Sex and the City to take to Entertainmart. Since we didn’t get any painting done yesterday (Tues), I took those in the afternoon and ended up getting 21 dollars to spend on some groceries. I got a lb of hamburger and french bread for our spaghetti dinner, yogurt (Dannon and Yoplait have come out with Greek yogurts! much cheaper than Oikos, Fage, and Chobani – and at King Soopers!), clementines (hoping this bag would be a good one), bananas, zucchini, milk, cereal. I felt like I got some essentials for the house, and it helped me feel more motivated last night and this morning. Is that super-strange to anyone else?

I’ve been letting K2 stay up after P goes to bed in hopes that he’ll go back to sleeping in a little more. No such luck so far. Oh, well. It couldn’t last forever. šŸ™‚ Last night I did a upper body weights workout (2 sets) and a 20 minute walk/run interval workout. It felt good and I felt better for having done it. After working out, I had my evening snack (I’ve been trying not to have my evening snack so soon after dinner) of a clementine (SCORE – this bag of cuties tastes like candy!), and the 1 Dannon greek vanilla yogurt I let myself buy with a crumbled graham cracker over it. Yum, and satisfying. I was hungry again by 11 when I went to bed, but I ignored it.

This morning was the first morning that I took P to school this week. It was hard to get up after a couple of lazy mornings in a row, but it is 9:13 and I’ve fed K2, taken P to school, fed myself (new oatmeal concoction-not great), and done some laundry. K and I are determined to get more painting done today whether we’re “feeling” it or not. I also want to get a little cleaning any maybe some work (paid) done.

We’re strongly considering cancelling our Dish Network cable. This is a hard decision for us because there are a lot of shows that we really like to watch – record regularly – and I can say for myself that I’m kind of addicted to DVR-ing stuff. The kids have quite a few shows recorded on the DVR and P knows how to access them, especially now that she’s learning to read. We depend on the TV a lot. But its a savings, and cable is a luxury that maybe we shouldn’t be entitled to with how much we’ve struggled financially. Also, since we watch so much TV there are other things we don’t do as much. The kids don’t use their imaginations for playing games with their toys as much as they should. K and I don’t accomplish things around the house or in our spiritual or mental growth areas like we could if we weren’t spending so much time in front of the boob tube. I don’t spend as much time playing or teaching the kids as I should because the TV is doing it for me. And so on. It would be a huge adjustment – and just the fact that its such a huge adjustment is perhaps the strongest reason we should do it. I’d read more. Read more to the kids. We could still watch movies, and I could eventually get my favorite shows in full seasons on Netflix. Can you tell I’m trying to talk myself into this????

We shall see.

This doesn’t even touch on the addiction of this computer and the internet, but I figure cutting addictions in half is a good thing, right?

Well, here’s hoping for a productive day. Last night I scheduled the next three days of eats, including what I’m going to feed the kids for lunch (usually just plan my menu and the dinner menu for whole family). This morning I tried a new combination for my oats. I blended my oats with about 3/4 cup of frozen peaches and strawberries and 1/2 T of agave nectar, then I ate it in a bowl with my typical peanut butter and butterscotch/chocolate chip morsels. It wasn’t a very good taste combination, so I probably won’t be doing this one again. Just wanted to mix it up a little.

Last night, Mom and Dad came by after they got done with work and delivered some tennis balls to us for us to use for our chair rollers to protect the floor. We were 4 tennis balls short of all the chairs, but 3 chairs have their feet rollers stuffed into cut tennis balls to protect the floor, which is a relief. Just need to buy 4 more tennis balls now, plus a couple to replace P’s balls that we had to cut – this upset her greatly. We invited Mom and Dad to stay for dinner, spaghetti that K was finishing up right when they got here. We had spaghetti, garlic french bread, steamed zucchini, and I had some lettuce and balsamic vinegar with mine. I also had my spaghetti sauce on thinly sliced zucchini with just a little pasta. It was super yummy, and it was nice to feed Mom and Dad for once since they feed us multiple Sundays each month.

Well, I should go unload the dishwasher to start this productive day that I keep typing about. šŸ™‚


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