Workout – Placekeeper

February 5, 2010 at 10:10 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

My workout last night was basically a place keeper. I’m going to try (continue to try) to establish my workout habit regardless of deterring factors, and last night was an ‘exercise’ in that. I’m sick – I have the cold the kids have been struggling with for the past week. I’m coughing, my chest is tight, and I’m congested. But it could be worse. So last night I worked out, intending to do lower body weights and then 20 minutes of running. It turned into 2 sets of lower body weights instead of 3 (did plie squats with 15 lb DB, walking lunges w/ 15 lb DB twisting to side of front leg, and the one where you raise one leg straight out in back of you while the top of your body goes straight down in front (parallel to floor)), and then 20 minutes of quick walking (some at incline) with no running. My chest was so tight and painful even while walking, it was all I could do to finish the 20 minutes.

So the sweat wasn’t as dramatic, and the burn probably wasn’t significant. But I did it, and that is one step closer to establishing the “work out every day no matter what its not an option to just sit around” habit.

Tonight will probably be something similar. I think I might do a BWO+ (about 15 minutes) and then walk for 15 minutes. I’m assuming my chest isn’t going to be much better tonight with all the coughing I’ve been doing, but I don’t want to “take time off” and then have trouble talking myself back into working out again when I’m feeling better. Because I have a tendency to excuse myself for way too long.

Today, gotta go get ready for the office. P is at school after missing 3 days, and today is her short day. So we all have to be ready to go when we go pick her up because I have to be at work a little earlier than usual for my going away luncheon. This afternoon at the office – MY LAST ONE!!! Can I get a YEAH??

I was back down to 200.5 this morning – the lowest I’ve been in almost 2 weeks. I’m happy with that. Its much better than seeing 204 in the morning. I’m hoping over the next week to get back down to the 198 range or lower. Slowly but surely. Last night I had 2 hb eggs over the course of the evening and about 3 pieces of fresh pineapple. That was going to be it for my snacking – its what I felt like having after a lower-protein day. But then K brought home a key lime pie and I had two pieces. So hurray for nights when K doesn’t go to the store on the way home to tempt my with stuff. 🙂


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