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February 4, 2010 at 6:45 pm (General Life Updates)

So today has been a nice day, if not very productive.

Got up around 9:30 (my kids are awesome!) and made the kids breakfast and made an amazing bowl of oatmeal. Got showered and ready to go to my movie.

The kids and DH took me to the Whole Foods in the same parking lot as the theater so I could buy my movie treats. I got some fresh tortilla chips, some 2-bite cinnamon rolls, and a couple of bars, the only one of which I ate the whole thing was a small milk chocolate almond toffee bar. The others were an Amazing Grass bar (didn’t open and now can’t find in my purse, so maybe I didn’t buy it), a Larabar (about half-gone) and a Think Thin peanut butter bar (had a bite and didn’t love it, so I’ll probably be saving this for some night when I’m desperate for something kind of sweet). Or maybe I’ll cut it into pieces and see if the kids like it since its high protein.

Walked over to the movie theater, got my ticket from the kiosk, and then walked around to the IMAX entrance to get my glasses. And settled in for the movie. Which was great. I really enjoyed it. Not much else to say about that – Avatar has been written about plenty and doesn’t need any more publicity from me.

The family picked me up when the movie was over and we drove over to Paradise Sales (gun shop) for K to browse. Then home. Watched a little TV as a family, K made a baked potato dinner that was pretty great.

Now we’re (I’m) just killing time until bed time for the kids. P is definitely going back to school tomorrow, so I need to get some good sleep. Had a good workout last night, and tomorrow is my last day in the office, along with my going away luncheon – which feels awkward since I’ve already had one over a year ago. I feel a headache coming on, but I’m not going to let it stop me from working out tonight.


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