The Week from Hell not so bad

February 3, 2010 at 7:36 pm (General Life Updates)

Sunday wasn’t too bad in the eating department – could have been worse. Monday and Tuesay were kind of a crash and burn, especially Monday night. And there was no exercising.

It is now Wednesday and I am sitting here in my workout clothes with the treadmill set up ready to get to work as soon as the kids go to bed in about 2 hours. P hasn’t gone to school since Monday due to a wicked cold with lots of coughing that her little brother (and now K and I) also have. I don’t think she’s going tomorrow, either.

Monday, I spent a good chunk of the day out in the garage clearing away stuff from the swing set that I purchased from craigslist a few months ago. I posted it for free on craigslist and it was gone in 2 hours. 🙂 Anyway, it took a while to clear a way to get it out of the garage, and then after it was gone, I spent a while longer cleaning up, sweeping, organizing, going through stuff (a lot of garbage). The garage looks MUCH better now, though it is still almost completely full of stuff. At least the walking pathway is much wider and clearer.

We also found out on Monday that K’s first day at his new job in Utah is going to be March 1st rather than next Tuesday. This leaves us much more time to get the house fixed up, on the market, and things ready before K leaves us, and we’re both very excited for the time. K is only working on account as of last night, from 6-9 in the evenings 5 days a week, so we’ll get to spend a lot more time together, he’ll have a lot more time to work on the house, and things shouldn’t be so frantic. It took me 2 days to wrap my mind around the relief – part of the eating and no working-out. I basically had a mental meltdown and went into slug-mode. I have issues.

I feel better today. Went to the office for my second-to-last day there, and got some stuff done. Also decided with my boss to push my actual “QUIT” date back to Feb 26th and after this Friday (last day in office), I’ll continue to do a little work from home this month. The money will be welcome, and this way I’ll actually be QUITTED (a word?) right before K leaves for Utah. So I’m glad about that, because we could definitely use the money this month.

I’m going to see Avatar at the IMAX theater tomorrow, by myself. I’m really excited – bought my ticket on Fandango tonight for the 11:20 showing. I’ve only been to 2 movies by myself, and I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely both times. I’m looking forward to seeing this highly acclaimed movie all alone so I can form my own opinions about it, and I’m also stoked about seeing it in IMAX. Should be an experience. 🙂 I’m going to take snacks with me, hopefully nothing too bad for me or too excessive, though there will probably be chocolate involved. Maybe I can swing by Whole Foods (right there in same parking lot) before and grab something fun. It was an expensive movie ticket, but compared to the money my husband spent last week online on KILTS, I feel ok with the expenditure on myself. 🙂 Yes, KILTS, 3 of them. Sometimes I could just wring his neck.

Other than the garage, we haven’t made any progress around here. I think I’m going to have to start scheduling out our days the night before. Going over what we COULD work on and get his buy-in on the chosen project. We really can’t afford to slack off even though we now have a month instead of less than a week. There’s still so much to do!!

Doing a 30 minute workout tonight. Mostly upper body and a 20 minute run. I can tell I’ve gained weight around my ribs – my sports bra is making it difficult to breathe as I sit here. I might have to switch back to my larger sports bra soon. Oh, and I’m at 14 weeks pregnant exactly today. Exciting stuff!!


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