Small Successes

January 30, 2010 at 11:10 pm (General Life Updates)

I know I title a lot of my posts like that, and then two days later I’m posting about another crash and burn. But I’m going to write about it anyway.

Tonight I worked out. After a day of business and a big indulgence, and while K was still here before leaving for work. After a family activity, and with the beginnings of a headache. That makes two days now. Friday and Saturday.

I decided a few nights ago (after the must get it together post) that I needed to start making my daily to-do lists again. A day at a time. And my daily to-do needs to include working out. But since working out for an hour (I have this mental block that if I don’t work out for an hour, its not worth it and there’s no point) was seemingly so daunting, I was going to do something revolutionary. I was going to work out for 30 minutes. I know! Living on the wild side! I can wrap my mind around 30 minutes.

So Friday, I started my plan. I lifted weights, mostly upper body with one compound movement to include some squats, for 10 minutes. Then I did intervals in the treadmill for 20 minutes, alternating running at 5.0 mph for 2 minutes with walking at 4.0 mph and an incline (between 5 and 8%) for 2 minutes. There, done, presto. 30 minute workout, a good shake and sweat going on. A good burn on my muscles and bones.

Today, I was sore. My shoulders, upper back, triceps and pectorals. It felt good. Tonight I did a bunch of different kinds of squats and lunges for 10 minutes and then intervals for 20. Felt good.

And like I said, today was busy. Well, the afternoon was. This morning consisted of doing some dishes, taking a shower, feeding the kids and getting ready to go out with my friend. She came and got me at 1 (an hour late, not her fault) and we went to Chili’s where I had egg rolls and 2 cups of soup (they brought me the wrong kind, then the right kind, and I ate both). And then a molten lava cake. Which was SO GOOD. But huge, and over a thousand calories just on its own. Then we went to Gordman’s so she could show me around one of her favorite stores. Its a pretty cool store; I’ll probably go back when I am ready to spend some money.

She dropped me off at the house so that I could help K load up the kids for bowling with his family. We went to Fountain Valley Bowl, where we spent 3 hours bowling. Everyone else had pizza. I just drank some soda (probably too much, another factor for how hard it was to run tonight) and had a couple bites of pizza, still full from Chili’s. Bowling was fun. I got a 102 (pretty good for me), then a 161!!! Highest score of the night! I was so pleased with that. Then, the last game, I stuck true to my norm and bowled a 76. Sad. 🙂 But fun.

We got done at about 7:30 and came home to give the kids a bath. They were both filthy, and poor K2 is suffering from a nasty cold. We put them to bed, or rather K put them to bed while I started my workout. And when K2 started crying shortly after I finished my workout, I ran to the store to get some cold medicine (and a couple other things that K couldn’t get at Sam’s today while I was out with my friend). But I forgot white chocolate morsels for my oatmeal! Which I’m pretty bummed about. 🙂 I’ll live. I still have to go soon and get more Naturally More peanut butter at Walmart, so I’ll get them then. In the meantime, I need to use the almond butter that I have in the fridge that my taste buds are still adjusting to.

Anyway, with all that I’m happy that I didn’t try and talk myself out of working out tonight. It felt good, I feel good, and I really don’t have the “I’m too tired with this pregnancy” excuse anymore. I’ve gained about 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks, and I feel like it is safe to lose some of that without hurting the baby. If anyone’s reading this, please know I will eat plenty and I won’t do anything dangerous. I’ll just keep working out (30 minutes YAY), and stop binging, and I think at least some of the weight I’ve gained will come off so that I can continue to try and gain just 30 pounds with this pregnancy, and not all in one month. Sheesh.

Tomorrow is church, but I think I’m going to have to stay home with K2 so that K can take P and teach his class. I’m thinking nap while K2 naps. K2 hasn’t had a nap in the past two days and that hasn’t helped with his recovery from this cold. Poor little tike; I hate seeing him or P suffer with sickness.

So the key tomorrow is going to be staying out of the kitchen – Sundays are really bad for the munchies. Gonna make my daily list, even though it is a ‘day of rest’, just to keep myself on track. Sleep well!!


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