Ecstatic! I get to QUIT

January 25, 2010 at 3:07 pm (General Life Updates)

My job. Again. Yes, since I quit once already in Oct of 2008, people might not believe I actually don’t want to work outside my home. But its true, I don’t. I want to focus on my family and my children, which I don’t feel I’m doing very well even working part-time. Some people are good at time management and seem to do it all – I’m not one of those people, though I’d like to learn to be.

Anyway, my point is, with all this moving stuff coming up like a full-speed train, I’m REALLY having a hard time focusing and getting it done with work. And its constantly getting worse – how much they’re asking me to do while they know I haven’t agreed to work more hours. So basically they want me to be superwoman and get it all done in the short 12 hours a week I’ve agreed to work. So tomorrow, I’m giving notice. They’re going to freak out, and maybe be angry. But I didn’t know this job offer was coming, I had no idea or way to predict even a week ago that we’d have decided to move so quickly. Last Monday, none of this had happened.

So, quitting, tomorrow. I have to write up a letter today, and serve it to my supervisor. My parents suggested that as a part-time, no benefits employee I have no obligation to give them 2 weeks notice or serve them with a letter. But my DH disagrees that whether I’m obligated to or not, that’s not the level of professionalism to which I hold myself. And he’s right. So I’m going to type it up and print it off to take with me tomorrow. And tomorrow will be an interesting afternoon.

I’m going to go back to working out at nights. I’m feeling better, more energetic, and the days are going to be very busy for a while. Today, I watched my friends youngest two kids while she took care of a funeral that fell to her to do since it is her new calling at church. I was glad to help her, but I really don’t enjoy watching other people’s children. I’m never going to be a person that could run a daycare. 🙂 Anyway, I had intended to work out this afternoon but having them here threw me off and I’m going to do it tonight – and stay out of the kitchen.


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