We Are Moving, and Cleaning House for Different Reason

January 23, 2010 at 7:28 pm (General Life Updates)

Over the last 5 days, K has sold his business as of the end of January, gotten a job offer (totally unexpected and not solicited), and we’ve decided to sell our house and move to Utah.

Can I just tell you I’m freaking out?????? There is so much to think about that I’ve been medicating my brain with food and TV. Eat and watch to shut down the brain. Not a good combination.

I’m excited about this. I don’t feel like going into details because it is just too much to type tonight and I don’t think I can get started or I won’t be able to stop. Suffice it to say that each night I lay down and can’t get my brain to shut up so that I can sleep. And during the day I walk around in a daze thinking about all the stuff that has to get done and how it is going to happen.

K will be leaving no later than the 8th of February to start his new job in Utah on the 9th. Which means the kids and I will be staying here to try and sell the house on our own. Scary. Terrifying. But I think I’m up for it. A lot will have to be done to the house before K leaves, so the first week of February when he is technically unemployed will be a very busy week for that man. We also have to figure out our vehicle situation because right now we’re a one-vehicle family and that won’t do if he’s going to leave me here. He’ll need a vehicle and so will I.

Ok, that’s details. Not going to start.

Today, I basically cleaned the whole house. Some places, I cleaned deeper than others. But let’s see if I can list it all out: I vacuumed upstairs, edging and washing floorboards in some places. Dusted upstairs, wiping down windows in a couple of places (where dog noses have coated the window). Helped both kids clean their rooms and dusted them. Sorted some laundry, though I haven’t washed much of it yet. Moved a bunch of laundry downstairs into the laundry room so the door can be shut. Vacuumed the stairs, washing the floorboards and the handrailing. Sorted through the floor of the coat closet junk and put a bunch of stuff away. Tidied downstairs and cleaned the kitchen. It hasn’t been this clean in a LONG time and the end where we leave keys, wallets, and every other dump-out-pockets item is almost bare (AWESOME – I wish I could manage to keep it this way). Swept and vacuumed the edges downstairs and then mopped the kitchen and new hardwood laminate. Washed the back glass sliding doors on both sides to get the dog gunk off, too bad I can’t get the dog scratches out. Dusted downstairs. Changed the “slip-cover” sheet on the couch so its a clean one, washed off the table and put out a tablecloth. Cleaned the half-bath toilet, floor, and sink that is next to the kitchen. Washed off some cupboards in the kitchen. Cleaned the stove (still need to clean the oven). Walked around the backyard picking up bottle tops, squished bottles, and stuffed-animal-stuffing to make it a little more presentable. Didn’t even try to clean up the poop – that’s a project for another day. Did dishes and more dishes. Washed marker and crayon off the walls in the stairwell.

I feel like I’m forgetting stuff, but that might be it. It was a lot. The reason this all came about today is because we are entertaining our first guests EVER that aren’t family tomorrow evening after church. A family that invited us to dinner a couple months ago is coming over with their 3 boys for dinner. We’re having hawaiian haystacks, cobbler and ice cream for dessert. I hope it tastes good; it doesn’t seem like a fancy or classy meal, but I think everyone will be able to make a plate that appeals to them. I hope. I’m nervous, and I wanted our poor, beat-up house to make as good of an impression as it can. As I cleaned, it just made it more apparent to me that this might not be an easy house to sell. I’m going to need a lot of praying.

My mother told me last night to just take it one day at a time. Today was for cleaning and getting the supplies for the haystacks. I’ve cleaned, and that kept me pretty mindless at most points. I sent K for the supplies because he had an appointment at 3:30 anyway. I made the kids dinner when K still wasn’t home by 5:00 and we were all hungry. K called me at 5:45 to tell me he’d just left his appointment and still had to go to the store, and when he gets home he wants to go see his friend who is in town and leaving in the morning. I want him to see his friend, but I also don’t want to be left here alone with the kids when I’m facing literally months alone with them without him.

We’re moving to Utah. I think I will be so messed up if this falls through. We haven’t started telling people here yet except for family. I’ve only told my parents and one sister, and that was just because she happened to call me about something else the evening that K made the decision to take the job (while I was taking a nap no less, I woke up and he’d taken the job). I want to tell everyone because its all I can think about, but I have to wait. I could tell the rest of my family, but it could still fall through and then I’d just feel like a fool for ONCE AGAIN jumping the gun. Happens a lot with a husband who is constantly changing his “plan”. Two months ago, he as going to join the Navy and be a nurse officer. So who knows?

We’re moving to Utah. Him in 2.5 weeks, us whenever the house sells. I pray that this is the right thing for our family, because if it is I truly believe that the Lord will help the house sell quickly. But sometimes its so hard to know the Lord’s plan and His timeline for our lives.

Tomorrow, I need to focus on church and feeding the family coming to visit us. That’s what I can do tomorrow. So hopefully I’ll be able to get to sleep tonight?


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