Almost Going Vegan and other Catch-up Items

January 19, 2010 at 4:46 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

This weekend was fun, if FULL of food and not very productive. Saturday, I grocery shopped as planned. Got almost everything I wanted to get and kept well within my budget. Of course, we’re now broke for the next two weeks, so I hope all the healthy food I purchased lasts. 🙂

Saturday night, K’s sister came and got the kids and I (since K had to work) and took us over to K’s other sister’s house for her surprise birthday party. She was turning 30, having a hard time with it, so her sister had planned a fun surprise party with a funeral theme. Her mom kept her out of the house all afternoon, which turned out to be no easy feat since F was tired and cranky. Anyway, we all hid in the kitchen when they arrived; but F headed straight downstairs for a potty break without even looking upstairs, so that drew out our agony of keeping kids quiet in the kitchen. It was a relief to jump out at her and be done with the surprise part.

It was a typical G-Family get-together. Loud, good food, lots of screaming kids and shouting adults, and lots of laughter and mocking of the birthday girl and her “old” age. Her presents were fun, wrinkle cream and stuff like that along with some fun gifts, one of which unexpectedly made her tear up very uncharacteristically. Older sister, L, made the food and it was two types of soup and bread. I couldn’t get past the first soup to even try the second. It was AMAZING. She’s supposed to send me the recipe – I’ll probably have to harrass her for it. It was tortellini, a mild tomatoey broth, zucchini and carrots. AWESOME. Had probably 4 bowls and wanted to eat more but I would have exploded.

K showed up from work at about 8, he ate dinner and we all hung out for a while longer. Then home for sleep and more work for him. Sunday was largely uneventful until after church, when I had a meltdown over kids at church and my aggravation with having to deal with them. No details needed there – K lectured me, made me cry (pregnancy, hello), and then made me feel better. All was well.

Then we went to L’s house for breakfast for dinner. Stuffed french toast, covered in cream, powdered sugar, and syrup (I held the syrup because I’m very healthy-ha), fruit tray (pineapple, kiwi, banana, apple) with delicious cream cheese fruit dip, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and juice. Oh My Gosh. I practically ate myself into a coma, and then some.

We were there until after 9, so its a good thing P didn’t have school yesterday. Yesterday consisted of me sleeping in, trying to get a few things done before work (not including a workout), and then heading to the office VERY unenthusiastically. Work was busy, gave me a killer headache, and lasted longer than usual since K couldn’t get K2 to wake up from his HOUR long nap. SO not long enough for the little one, who is still recovering from being sick and then having diarrhea all weekend.

Its a good thing K made dinner last night (beef tips, noodles, zucchini – I held the noodles and had lettuce), because my head hurt and I was in a foul mood. K decided that he was too worried about K2 and his diarrhea to go to work at 6 and called in “kid-sick” as it were, not that he’s really allowed to do that. I talked K down that K2 didn’t need to go to the ER – he was still drinking, eating, and yes, pooping some nasty runny stuff. But he was acting like he felt fine, he wasn’t dehydrated, and he didn’t have a fever. But he’d already called in, so we were blessed with K’s presence for the evening, which was really nice.

K and I ended up finally watching the video called “Eating” that I’d been loaned by my friend that has gone vegan. It was very interesting and brought up a lot of good points. But I’ve done some more research today (a lot of it scriptural) and we’ve decided we need to improve our diet but it won’t include cutting out meat or meat products entirely. We just need to eat them more sparingly, so we’re working on a plan for that. Well, mostly I’m working on a plan for that. 🙂 I really had almost decided that the only logical choice for me was to go vegan – the passion and enthusiasm of my friend that has done it was so contagious and I’d kind of gotten sucked in. I respect and admire her and I hope being vegan heals her ailments like she thinks it is doing. I will take a more moderate choice. But this has all opened my eyes to some definite improvements we could make in our diets – especially in my husband’s and my children’s diets. If I find any yummy recipes for the family or fun products that are just great and cut down on our consumption of antibiotic e-coli filled meat products – I’ll share.

Today I ran on the treadmill for the first time in weeks, and my first workout at all in a week. I did one of my Oxygen full body compound-movement workouts first, and then ran/incline walked for 34 minutes. I wasn’t able to run as much as I was a couple months ago, so I’ve definitely lost a little endurance. K has told me that I need to start being “selfish” again about my workouts and my eating so that I’ll feel good – so I’m trying. I did the workout while P was at school, even commandeered the TV from my two year old, and it went fine. I have felt really good ever since.

I decided to make taco soup in the crock pot for dinner – it just sounded really good. I modified a recipe from a blog I read, and used ground turkey. I’m going to make some corn bread from scratch here in a bit to go with it. I cleaned the bathrooms upstairs and I’ve eaten healthy snacks and meals today – even resisted having K make me a hotdog when he made himself and the kids one for lunch.

Doing well!! Didn’t eat myself into a coma last night for the first night in a while. Wish me luck tonight. Had a great scripture study session this morning studying the Word of Wisdom (a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints thing), and that always makes me feel good to start the day off right. I’ve been trying to pray for help more – I know He’s willing to help me if I just make the effort to let Him.

Anyway, off to trial-run my first ever from-scratch cornbread. Have a great night!


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