Chronicles of a Friday

January 16, 2010 at 11:56 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Yesterday was going pretty normally. P didn’t have school, so I slept in and didn’t have time to do much beyond get the kids and I breakfast and put my MK order in. No workout (the shame).

Got ready for work and the family took me to the office, where I had my lentils, quinoa in coconut milk, and cauliflower and then a LOT of chocolate throughout the afternoon. Also had about an hour chat with a coworker that is usually too busy to stop and chat for a bit, so that was nice. I found out to my surprise that she is almost vegetarian – she rarely eats meat and doesn’t miss it. She is also very slender after losing weight years ago. She has a patter and she sticks to it. I’ve never seen anyone be so religious with eating a Chobani yogurt and a dish of fresh fruit for lunch EVERY DAY. I’m always jealous of her Chobani. 🙂 We talked about lots of things, but that was the part of the conversation that was most interesting to me considering my Thursday with my friend K.

Work after that was pretty busy, including a new assignment from my boss. The fam picked me up late….. because of the bizarreness that was the rest of our evening.

K2 puked on the way to pick me up. K had to buy some cleaner and paper towels and clean him and his carseat up on the side of the road. K called me to explain why they were late and ask me to bring down a plastic bag to put the pukey clothes in because they reeked. They were only about 10 minutes late and then we set out to find a cheap store to stop at and get him clothes on our way to bowling with K’s family for a niece’s birthday. And on the way, K2 puked two more times. K got him some on-sale clothes at KMart on the way, but we didn’t put him in them because he kept barfing everywhere. When we got to the bowling alley, we got him dressed and he seemed fine the whole time we were there. The family of honor was 30 minutes late. Then, the mother of honor had to leave right after arrival to buy her daughter’s friend socks. She was gone for another 30 minutes. In the meantime, the lanes were breaking every couple of bowls. We finally were shoved into a quick decision of getting refunds and leaving by K’s sister. K left them some money, though, since we had done some bowling. Come to find out that they had purchased the bowling alley a week ago and were struggling with a lemon. Poor guys. Probably literally.

Anyway, the decision was made to go to K’s older sister’s house (the mom of birthday girl that was an hour late) for cake and stuff before the young teenagers went to a movie or something. And on the way, K2 puked again all over his new clothes. So we went home instead. Got K2 bathed up, put the kids to bed at their bedtime (a little later). K2 woke up at 11:30 having puked in his crib. Got it all changed and him changed and back in bed, and 10 minutes later he woke (probably was still awake) again crying because he’d gotten sick again. Went through the whole thing again, new sheet, fresh clothes, new blanket. And thankfully he slept the rest of the night. I woke up at 5 AM sure that I’d heard one of my kids crying very faintly. But when I got up and checked on them both, they were fine. Not sure what I heard.

Anyway, one more thing. When we got home last night we discovered that our dog Daisy, the 6-month old puppy, had ripped a huge hole in our linoleum in the entryway of the bathroom right by the kitchen. About two feet by one foot. We were both so upset. Add that to the fact that since we stopped blocking her in the bathroom, she’s been chewing on the door frame on the outside of the bathroom. Our house just gets more and more destroyed. K says he wants her gone, but I think he’ll stop being angry and keep her. I can only hope she’ll be gone.

Today needs to be cleaning and grocery shopping. I also need to work out. I have a limit on my spending today, so I’m going to have to bargain hunt because there are some things I really want to get, like some Almond milk and some Chobani yogurts. 🙂 Tonight is K’s sister’s birthday dinner, and the kids and I will have to have a ride because stupid J flaked out last night and now K has to go to Canon City on a Saturday night which he normally wouldn’t have to do. Have a great Saturday!



  1. Lori said,

  2. farebear said,

    Thanks Lori! I’ll check it out. They ended up only having one type of Chobani at the Whole Foods I went to on Sat – honey. I don’t like the honey flavor. So I was kind of bummed.

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