Thursday, January 14

January 14, 2010 at 1:06 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

I am just not coming up with good blog titles. And I think that’s ok since this is more of a journal than anything. I never stick to one topic and I don’t think I’ve ever written a post that had a theme. So, blog titles be darned. 🙂

Yesterday was hectic. I got some dishes done, the dehydrated pineapple that went all night Tuesday packed up, roasted some garbanzo beans (again – roasted some Tuesday night and accidentally burnt them to a crisp), and cut up some potatoes to start a roast, carrots and potatoes in the crock pot for Wed night dinner. Then I did a T-Tapp Tempo workout, got showered and ready for work, and the family took me to work.

At work, I got caught up on some stacked up paperwork at my sort-of-desk (I don’t technically have a desk, I use the walk-up). I also got to talk to my sister for about 40 minutes when she called to give me her Mary Kay order. I hadn’t talked to her in a while, so I was glad to take the time out from working to chat with her. We talked about what she’s been up to, her holidays (they went to Japan to visit our younger brother and his family), our exercise and weight situations (she looks FABULOUS!), work, my trip to Japan in March, and my pregnancy. It was nice to catch up a little.

After a busy afternoon of working, the fam picked me up and we went to pick up the truck that K is borrowing from a friend for the weekend to do some hauling from our garage. We had to stop on the way home for him to fill it up with antifreeze and more oil. I have to use it to get P from work in 20 minutes, so I hope he gets down here and makes sure its going to get me there and back. Should be interesting since I’ve never driven it before and it is a manual.

After we got home with both vehicles, we hurriedly ate the roast/potatoes/carrots from the crockpot that turned out quite yummy. Then we both got ready to go again, me with the kids and K to work. My friend picked the kids and I up for my Presidency meeting at the church. It was nice to chat with her on the way over. When we got there, I had time to help P with her homework before our meeting started. Then the kids played with some blocks that we found in the nursery while we had our hour and a half meeting. They were very good, if sometimes a bit noisy. We left the church at about 8, got home and I got the kids in bed as quickly as possible. And proceeded to pig out on both bagels I’d gotten from the office. And some hot chocolate, and some white chocolate morsels. Geez. Hiding upstairs isn’t working very well.

While I’m getting P, K and K2 will be on their way to Denver to pick up K’s mom at the airport; she’s coming in for the weekend for K’s sister’s birthday.

So while they’re gone, P and I are going over to my friend, K’s house for lunch and a DVD about some nutritional information thing. I’m always interested to know what new information K has found about how to eat our way to optimal health, and I love spending time with her but rarely get to. I’m trying not to be bummed that I have to take P with me, I’m sure P will manage to be quiet and let me focus for a while. I’m going to have her take a coloring book and ask her to please let me talk and chat and we’ll play when we get home this afternoon.

I also will need to work out this afternoon since I chose to sleep for a while after taking P to school this morning. In fact, I should go put on a bra before I have to get P from school. 🙂

Ok, back from getting P and we’re both ready to go to K’s house. We’ll leave in about 20 minutes to walk over there since its pretty nice today.

I wanted to write about my breakfast from this morning first, though. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was a combination that I haven’t previously tried and it turned out pretty dang yummy. I have a couple packets of Nature’s Path Organic instant oatmeal that my mom gave to me. The flavor is Maple Nut (hazlenuts), and I’ve only eaten a couple of them because I didn’t love it (think I made it too thick). So this morning, I made sure I made it a little thinner with a little more water (I also mixed in a half-scoop of vanilla whey protein powder to the dry oatmeal first), then I put some microwaved raspberries and blackberries on top with some dollops of Naturally More peanut butter. And, the new twist, a sprinkling of white chocolate morsels.

It was SO GOOD!! I didn’t know if I’d like the white chocolate with all the other flavors, but it was awesome. The morsels melted and turned into surprise bits of sweetness with the tartness of the berries and savory peanut butter. I’ve already deciding I’m having the same thing tomorrow. It will be my last packet, so after that I’ll have to make it with plain instant oatmeal.

I’ve been meaning to try some real oats, or groats, or some whole grain for a while. Maybe the kind you have to cook overnight. But I’m not sure where to start.


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