First Full Week of January 2010 going OK

January 5, 2010 at 2:28 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Saturday’s shopping went surprisingly well. The kids were pretty good for me. K2 stayed in the cart the whole time, yelling ECHO at the top of his lungs into the rafters, or looking for babies and yelling, “wook! baby! coot!” P didn’t ask for too much stuff and helped me load what was on the list. Walmart was CRAZY busy, which I sort of expected but was still surprised by.

After picking up K and finishing our shopping at Sam’s, we went home and had dinner. I don’t remember what we had. K had to leave for about an hour to finish working, but he didn’t do that until after the kids were in bed and he and I had spent a couple hours watching TV together.

Sunday was really nice taking our time getting ready for church after breakfast. I am going to like having church at 11 instead of 8:30. The calling was hectic, and I didn’t like any of it and counted down the minutes, but I also didn’t have a meltdown, so I’m improving. It was some craziness gathering the kids and making sure they all knew which classes they were in with the start of the new year.

After church we relaxed for a couple hours after lunch while K2 slept before we went to Mom’s for dinner. Where I made zucchini brownies again with Mom’s ingredients (no coconut oil) and we had turkey enchiladas that were super-yummy. The brownies were slightly bitter, which only Dad and I could taste. K didn’t have any, Mom thought they were great, and the kids only ate their ice cream. Anyway, they were better the second day but I only brought two home – the rest I left with Mom.

We left Monument by 7:45 and came home for bed and some more relaxing.

Monday morning started out with dealing with the stupidity of the dealership. I got more and more stressed out until K and the kids took me to work. Where I slowly calmed down as I worked through the mountain of stuff there was for me to do. K and the kids spent the entire afternoon at the DMV due to the dealership stupidity, but were in pretty good spirits when they picked me up. Good thing I had packed snacks and water and wipes for K to take, or he would have been screwed trying to stay at the dealership and keep the kids happy for four hours.

I was mentally tired when we got home, but K and I came up with a dinner of chicken nuggets, noodles from a package, and steamed brocolli. Not perfect nutritionally, but it was good and filling and the kids ate all of their dinner without being forced. I set up the treadmill almost as soon as we got home while dinner was cooking and changed into work out clothes. I made a list of the work I had to do. I separated meat from our shopping on Saturday for dinner-sized freezer portions. I did some laundry. I did the dishes. I worked for about an hour and a half while the kids watched TV before bed (I know, they watch too much), then put the kids down with a story and worked out for 40 minutes. Walked/ran for 30 minutes and did some squats, some pushups, and a plank. I’ve lost some of my strength over the last month with the infrequent workouts.

I was in bed by 10:45 after my shower and some TV. K was home, and I tried to go to sleep as quickly as I could with him watching TV in our bedroom.

This morning was nasty getting up at 7:10 after hitting snooze on my alarm 3 times. Getting P up was hard, too. She was so tired. Its going to take us a bit to get back in the rhythm. I came home, gathered up the ingredients for whole wheat blender pancakes, and got K2 up. Made the pancakes super-green with lots of spinach, and they were really good. I had mine with a YoPlus yogurt and about 2/3 of a banana. K2 had the rest of the banana with his pancakes.

Then I worked out after doing a little work. A good, sweaty, shaking, weak feeling, T-Tapp Tempo Intermediate workout. Phew! Got showered and ready quick so we could pick up P and go to the dealership to sign more papers. Due to all this nonsense, and K’s tireless politeness in response, we got $600 savings from the dealership and our payment got knocked down by $15 a month, and signing the new paperwork pushed our first payment out to Feb 19, which will help a lot. Just goes to show that politeness in the face of stupidity sometimes pays off. Its a good thing I made K deal with them instead of doing it myself – I would have cracked and been rude.

So now we’re home. K has gone off to sell some stuff to get us some get-through money. The kids are watching this goofy movie “G-Force”. K2 will go down for a nap soon and I will help P with her homework. Gotta get the salmon out of the freezer for dinner. We’re having quinoa, salmon, and zucchini for dinner.

And that is all. Its nice to have exercising out of the way. Plan on going upstairs soon after the kids go to bed to stay away from the kitchen tonight,  unless there is some work to do to get more hours.


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