New Day New Dollar

January 2, 2010 at 1:29 pm (General Life Updates)

Well, I don’t really have a new dollar. But I do have some grocery shopping money.

Today, I didn’t get out of bed until 10. Not including all the times in the night I got up to pee; I lost count. Poor P was up for an hour and a half by herself before I pulled myself from my bed. I can tell you Tuesday is going to be a nasty shock to my system and hers when we have to get up at 7 to get her to school. K2 hadn’t made a sound, but he was sitting in his crib ready for me to get him out when I went in there. We really have got to get that kid a big-boy bed so he can get up when he wakes up and not have to wait for his slacker mom.

Since we don’t have enough cold cereal for the kids to each have a bowl, I toasted up the last of the pumpkin whole wheat pancakes that were in the freezer from a few weeks ago for them. K2 had 2 and P had 2 and a really small one. I made myself some green oats, though they weren’t as green as normal since I’m out of spinach and the last of my green protein powder didn’t even equal a full scoop. So I added a 1/3 of a frozen banana for some more nutrients, though that meant I had to warm it again after blending it all together. Then I added my peanut butter and the rest of the pomegranate seeds. Yum.

After K came downstairs and got started on his breakfast and we’d discussed our plans for the day, I got changed and started on my T-Tapp workout. I weighed in at 199 last night before bed and I haven’t weighed myself this morning yet. Though I can tell you that before my workout I went to the bathroom. Let’s just say I’ve been very irregular the last few days with all the unhealthy foods I’ve been stuffing in my face, and this morning I finally managed to pass some stuff. TMI, I know. But it was such a relief and I literally felt pounds lighter, though I probably am not. I’m guessing I’m sitting (no pun intended) at about 196 or 195 today. A few days of eating right (not DIETING, yes I remember I’m pregnant) should have me back closer to 190, I hope, where I’d like to maintain MY weight until the baby starts gaining weight.

As soon as I finish this post and have cooled off a bit (T-Tapp kicked my trash as usual), I’m going to shower and get ready. Then, the kids and I will drop K off at the club for him to clean while we go grocery shopping. I’m nervous about shopping with the kids by myself because today I’m on a budget and I’m going to have to concentrate and make sure I’m adding things up as I go along and getting the best deals possible. I think I can do it, but K2 is usually such a pain at stores. Hopefully, he’ll behave for me.

After shopping, we’ll pick up K and he should be done for the day. Then we can spend another evening together, something we’ve gotten to do an  unprecedented number of times in the past week or so. Tonight, I just need to use his presence to keep me out of the food. He tried to help me last night, but I didn’t really let him, though I didn’t get grumpy on him which I used to do.

Ok, so off to the shower and grocery shopping. Excited to have some veggies in the house!!


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