Christmas Recap

December 27, 2009 at 6:33 pm (General Life Updates)

Christmas Eve

During the day on Christmas Eve I got quite a lot done. Some laundry, helped the kids clean their rooms and changed their sheets. Made a quick Walmart run to buy supplies for chocolate zebra cheesecake and some new princess sheets for P’s bed; when I changed her sheets I realized the twin sheet on her bed was one of 2 twin fitted sheets that we own. Don’t know how that happened, but I decided to just splurge and get her the princess sheets I’ve been eyeballing at every store during Christmas shopping. I had hoped to get the cheesecake cooked in the afternoon but kids’ baths and cleaning and a good T-Tapp workout took precedence. K took off after I got back from the store to clean the club, but ended up having two phone calls that put him too behind schedule. So he ran to the store to buy my present and one more present for my little brother instead.

K got back and we all got ready to go to my SIL’s for her neighbor’s open house. We got to their house a little before 6 PM and went to the open house shortly after that. They were very nice people, their house was nice, and the food was GOOD. Meatballs, little sausages, rolls with deli trays, deviled eggs, fruit dip and fresh pineapple, and dessert trays galore. I thoroughly enjoyed my SIL’s contribution, which were these strawberry jam/cheesecake bars. I will have to get the recipe.

At 7 PM, Santa came downstairs and gave all the kids a present (brought by the parents). Our kids got the shirts that Aunt A and Uncle D sent from Japan. K2 was hilarious. He took the present from Santa without letting Santa touch him, came over and we helped him unwrap it while Santa moved on to another child. As soon as the rolled up shirt was unwrapped he ran back over to Santa – “Sata wook!!” until we called him back over. We unrolled it and when he figured out it was a shirt, he repeated the exercise. “Wook Sata! Shirt!” until we called him back over. We put it on him over his shirt and he did it again, this time spreading his arms to the sides sticking his chest out and lowering his chin to indicate what he was wearing – “Wook!!!” It was awesome and pretty darn funny. P’s reaction was more mellow, but she did go up there, smile and answer Santa’s “are you ready for Christmas” question and then come back to us and open her shirt, an adorable plaid pattern scoop scalloped lace neckline. The kids both had a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the food. 🙂

Around 7:30 we headed back to SIL’s house to chat. We were going to play games but ended up just talking for a couple hours while the kids played on the mattress slide going down the basement stairs. By the time we got home, it was about 10 PM. Put the kids straight to bed and got started as quickly as possible on the chocolate zebra cheesecake, realizing as I read the directions (I haven’t made it in 6 years) that it was going to take over 3 hours to cook, with requirements from me, like turning the oven down, then off, then taking it out. Sheesh. But I made it, got up around 3 AM to finally take it out of the oven (K got up at 1:45 to turn the oven off – it had to sit in there for an hour). While I was making the cake, K moved all the presents to down around the tree, filled the stockings, and wrapped my present in a king-size pillow case. 🙂

Christmas Day

P woke up at 7:22. “I slept in Mommy, and there’s a present under the tree, and it has my name on it!!!!” I managed to keep her in bed with me for about 40 minutes. At 8 AM, I told her to try and wake up Dad and she shoved him a few times until he rolled over and mumbled, “give me 30 more minutes, eight, three, oh.” So P and I went downstairs where she tried to be interested in a yogurt and TV, but all she really wanted was to dive headfirst into the presents. Poor girl was so patient. She accidentally missed 8:30 on the clock and didn’t realize until 8:45, so K got a little more sleep than he asked for. We went back upstairs and got up K2 (he was sleeping deep) and sicced him on K, and then we all went downstairs. We were only downstairs for a few minutes before I couldn’t hold them off any longer and they started opening their first presents, which is luckily when K dragged himself into the room.

Opening went quickly after that – they were thrilled with everything. Doll stuff, coloring stuff, clay, dinosaur mountain, Transformers, Barbie doll styling head, more coloring stuff. Stockings with candy and slippers and new puzzles. Everything was open and being investigated by 9:00. I made a half-hearted effort to put together dinosaur mountain and realized it was going to take some hyroglyphic deciphering skills to assemble and loaded all the pieces into bags to take to the grandparents’ house for later.

We left the house with a bunch of toys the kids wanted to bring, presents for my brother and Mom, and the cheesecake, by shortly after 10:30. Right on schedule.

Mountain man breakfast wasn’t quite ready when we got there, so we chatted, the kids had some snack breakfasts and ran around. Then we had MM brekkie (SO GOOD!!!!) and were clearing up when the P’son’s got there. They dropped off my mom’s present (a quilt by DP – GORGEOUS), and a couple other things, had breakfast and took off to come back later for dinner. We got down to business with presents. The kids got some more fun stuff from Grandma and Grandpa, and I was pleased with the reactions to the gifts from us.

After everything was open, we moved on to some assembly and playing. The dinosaur mountain took some doing and some einstein skills. P’s barbie doll head was easier. And then came the tutu. Oh my gosh. Next time I see some crafty thing for $15 and think “I can make that” I’m just going to kick myself and BUY it. Good grief. It would have taken so much longer if my mom hadn’t cut the fabric while I tied. It turned out gorgeous and cute, and P loves it, so I’m glad we did it. But seriously. “I can make that” is very different than “is it worth $15 to not HAVE to make that?” It took so long that we had to move on to making dinner when we were done, and we didn’t have time to do gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. So that might be a craft for after New Year, since we have all the supplies at Grandma’s house.

Dinner was at about 6:30 or 7 and it was magnificent. The turkey was juicy, slightly fruity from soaking in a cranberry/pomegranate brine. The mashed and sweet potatoes were marvelous, the gravy was perfect. The salad was a nice perfunctory healthy contribution. But oh, my, that turkey. Got stuffed, which is unusual for me at a holiday meal. Usually I’m so excited about dessert, and so unthrilled with the turkey, that I don’t fill up at holiday meals at all. Oh, it was good.

After dinner and clear-up and talking, we started a game of Phase 10. Which went until 10:30, because we finished the darn thing. We had dessert around 9 – my cheesecake was amazing with some strawberry sauce made quickly in the blender. Decadent and rich and sweet. There are probably 3 pieces left today, and I’m planning on having one tonight again. K and I were both a little disbelieving when the older folks insisted on finishing the game of Phase 10. The kids were clamoring and tired, but we got it done. K won. Then we loaded up the toys, the presents (K got a counter-top toolbox from my parents – my idea), the rest of the cheesecake, some apple pie for later, and headed home. The kids didn’t get to bed until about 11.

It was a wonderful day.


I slept until 10:45 on Saturday, the kids slept until 11:30. K slept until 1 PM. There wasn’t time for much after that. Some tidying, some playing for the kids with their new stuff. I seeded two pomegranates after cleaning the kitchen. Oh, I received pans from K for my present, nice stainless steel ones to replace the crappy ones we’ve been using for 6 years. Only used one so far, but I’m excited to cook with all of them, especially the family-size skillet with a lid. K went to get some gas and for a quick store run in the afternoon and when he got back we loaded up again and went to his mom’s house (or his sister’s house) for tacos for his sister’s birthday. We had a nice taco dinner, the kids played, we played a card game. K left for an hour to go to a baptism, but it was a nice evening. The new card game we played was a little frustrating because the rules weren’t clear and there was a lot of ambiguity in the game, which made it kind of argumentative.

We got home too late again, and we were all tired for church today. Church was awful – I tell you Primary is kicking my butt. I had a major meltdown today when 2 of the other ladies were absent, unexpected on my part. I got it together enough to do my part at Sharing Time, but oh man, I hate not knowing what I’m doing. It all made me even more tired. K2’s nap is stretching to 4.5 hours right now. K didn’t sleep at all last night due to some weird insomnia, so he took a long nap this afternoon, too. I’ve eaten too much, slept a little.

Now K is up, but back upstairs watching sports. P is bugging me to play Uno with her, and I have no idea what we’re going to have for dinner. Tomorrow is Monday, not quite back to normal since P’s not back in school yet. But I’m hoping to work out in the morning BEFORE work and then I have to go to the office. I’m hating work these days, which doesn’t make 3 afternoons a week a good thing. Hoping to get together with my friend MF and my other friend KW this week, at different times. Not sure if I’ll be able to swing it. Actually want to make sure the KW happens because she’s going to talk to me about pregnancy nutrition and vitamins and I just love absorbing some of her knowledge.

Ok, over and out. Uno it is.


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