Killer T-Tapp workout – P’s Christmas Break officially started

December 17, 2009 at 1:07 pm (General Life Updates)

Yesterday at work actually wasn’t too bad. Enough urgent things came up while I was there that the not-so-fun-ongoing stuff I have to do was pushed to the backburner and the afternoon went very quickly. On the yummy-but-not-healthy side, there was a big basket of baked goodies in the kitchen and a box of Harry & David chocolates at the front desk. And I did a lot of damage to the brownie bites in the basket and the chocolates, and that was AFTER a full-size sub for lunch in our lunch meeting with white bread and hardly any lettuce. I was happy with myself for not eating the Fritos – those aren’t good to me and I had a couple thinking they would be ok and then stopped because they’re blah. I also had a couple bites of the chocolate chip cookie and wasn’t impressed so I stopped eating that, too.

But then, the brownie bites. Ugh. I ate a LOT of them. Total sugar-high by the time I left the office.

On the way in, I stopped at the Dollar store and got some simple-looking mugs and some cellophane bags to put P’s teacher’s presents in. When I got home after dinner, I helped her make some simple tags for the simple presents with her teachers’ names and then let her decorate them. K had made dinner when I got home, chicken cordonbleu’s (only with brocoli and cheese instead), processed pasta mix, and corn. Not a nutritious meal. And floating on my sugar high of brownies, I ate almost all of it without even really thinking it through – and I was full just a few bites in. Dangit.

I brought home some advent calendars that a friend at work had not sent to her grandkids on time. So we had to catch up to the 16th, and the kids had fun opening up 16 days worth of little chocolates. K2 wanted to eat them all and was very ticked when I wouldn’t let him, but P was ok with it. Now, today, I’ll let them open one and eat it. A few days more to go.

After I put the kids down for bed, I decided to do T-Tapp Tempo Intermediate, which ups the reps on most of the exercises from 8 to 10. And I worked really hard at my form and concentrated on all the stuff you’re supposed to bend, and tuck and twist. And OH MAN did it work me over but good!!!! I was a shaky, ready-to-fall-down mess at the end!!! It felt so great!!!

Then I sat down to watch some TV and got hungry and had 2 bowls of plain yogurt with lots of pomegranate arils and then quite a few too many of those creme brulee almonds. Today, I’m going to move those to the back of the cupboard so they’re harder to get into. Sheesh.

P’s kindergarten Christmas party was this morning. I ended up going alone since K was still asleep and so was K2 and I didn’t feel very good or up to wrangling them both out of bed and ready and over to the school. And I forgot the camera!! Another DANGIT!!! Anyway, they recited Twas the Night Before Christmas with little motions, decorated cookies, broke a pinata, got some treats from teachers and classmates who had birthdays, and had punch. P had quite a good time. I have to constantly supress my desire to dive into the thick of things and do P’s speaking for her. She’s so reticent and shy that I feel like I want to stand up for her, even when she doesn’t really need me to. Like when they were decorating cookies and each little pod of desks was sharing a few bottles of sprinkles and icing, and I kept wanting P to speak up and ask the other little girls (by name) for what she wanted to use. If I’m not careful, I’m like a momma bulldozer. 🙂

So this means she’s out for Christmas break. Almost 3 weeks of not having to get up to take her to school – I’m going to get super-spoiled and  out of the habit. I’m looking forward to it, at the same time that I’m a little worried about what that will do to my ability to get stuff done. If I sleep in, I don’t get started as early, I don’t have time to do stuff before work, I don’t read my scriptures (usually happens after I drop her off before I get K2 up for breakfast), and I have shorter days. I’ll want to stay up later because I won’t have gotten up as early. And the cycle repeats. So maybe I should set my alarm for each day anyway, and do my darndest to get up regardless. We’ll see.

Today I’ve had a slightly unusual day of eating so far. I was super hungry this morning before P’s party, but I didn’t feel good (because I was hungry) and didn’t feel like eating. And I was tired (still am dragging a bit). So I had 2 clementines, a small bowl of plain yogurt with about a T of hot cocoa powder, and a Clif Kidz granola bar. At her party, I had a few sips of Fruit Punch mixed with 7Up because I could feel myself getting hungry, but that didn’t taste good. So as soon as I got home, I started on a breakfast burrito that kind of got carried away. A whole bunch of sliced summer squash, 2 slices of thinly shaved turkey meat, 2 scrambled eggs, and a slice of cheese all on a ww tortilla. It was super-yummy and very filling.

Now, we’re getting ready to leave for the dealership to hopefully only spend a little bit of time on some more paperwork. I really don’t want to spend all afternoon there. It would be cool if I could go to the mall today to get my brother, T’s, present, and if I could go with my friend (M). But it would be short notice for her and I don’t know if she’d be able to swing it with her 3 boys and they’re varied school schedules. I might call and ask if I get to go though. Can’t hurt.

Other than that, I’d like to get some more cleaning done today (I got a lot of cleaning done on Tuesday, organizing of the kids’ rooms, moving lots of boxes of outgrown clothes down into the crawl space and opening up K2’s room a lot, vacuuming, dusting). I’d like the house to be nice and tidy/clean for Christmas. Though of course, it never stays that way.

Ok, looks like the DH is ready to go. Off to the dealership.


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