Too many night snacks, but no binges

December 15, 2009 at 10:43 pm (General Life Updates)

A pretty pleasant afternoon. We ended up going to the pawn shop to pawn a couple of my husband’s guns to tide us over until payday. I hate doing this, but it sure is handy for when you need some cash. Then we went grocery shopping and spent way more than I’d intended. Ugh, we suck at money management.

On the happy side, they still had pomegranates at Sam’s Club!!! I was so excited, I bought 3 trays of 4. That’s 12 pomegranates, which is a lot of seeding work for me to do. I did two tonight, so excited to have some pomegranate yogurt. Yum!! So I had that as my after-dinner snack. Dinner was my garlic-crock-pot chicken with homemade dressing on a salad with brocoli and cauliflower chopped up really small and some sprinkled parmesan. I didn’t have any of the packaged brocoli cheddar rice I made for the rest of the family, but I did add more brocoli to their rice package.

I worked out – a run and some abs work. Then I had 2 clementines and quite a few of the candied creme brulee almonds that we got at Sam’s today. Evil, those are. But so good!!!

Off to bed now. Excited about my planned eats for tomorrow. Not excited to go to work, though.


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