12 days left

December 14, 2009 at 10:57 am (General Life Updates)

Christmast is coming on fast, folks. Anyone ready yet? I’m sort of close to ready. I made a list this weekend of the things left to do, and there are quite a few.

  • Get P’s teachers’ presents ready by finding a mug and some cellophane to put them in
  • Wrap everything
  • Buy my brother’s present at the mall w/ gift card
  • Buy supplies for 1) packaging treats to give away, and 2) to make a tutu for P
  • Make treats to give away (baking day at Mom’s next week)
  • Make tutu
  • Get a couple of stocking stuffers
  • Deliver treats to selected families/friends
  • Buy supplies to make zebra cheesecake and overnight cinnamon rolls for Christmas Day

I know that last one isn’t very healthy, but I’ve been waiting all year for an excuse to make those two things and by golly, I’m making them. The zebra cheesecake is actually pretty expensive to make with the Oreo crust, and white and milk chocolate for the filling flavors. But BOY OH BOY is it worth it.

Anyway, quite a bit to do, but I’m excited about most of it.

This weekend was good and bad at the same time. Good first:

We went and cut down our Christmas tree on Saturday and it was a good time. We got started later than we had wanted to, but it turned out ok. We had to pick P up on our way out since she had a sleepover at her cousin’s (A) house (where they apparently had tons of fun and watched “Up” twice). Then we headed up to Pike National Forest where we took 3 different roads before K found the one he was looking for that took us back far enough into the forest that there was plenty of snow to sink into. And sink we did.

At first, K2 was not having it and he wanted to be carried. But then he figured out how fun it is to fall down in the snow and wallow. He kept face planting it on purpose and then crawling on his stomach through it. Later, he figured out how to sit down in it and pull the snow up over his lap, repeating “castle! castle!” P had a great time tromping through and climbing little hills. K2 was wearing P’s pink boots that she outgrew, so he was a little man child with pink boots.

We found our tree after much deliberation and P proclaiming that she wanted to keep looking and look at ALL the trees. Um, no. It is the shortest tree we’ve ever gotten, but probably the most full and symmetrical otherwise.

Oh, and the puppy puked in the back on the way there, which was fun to discover when we parked to find the tree. But the dogs had just as much of a blast as the kids.

On our way out of the forest, we passed a car that we’d followed into the forest. They’d braked coming around a corner and slid off the road. A joint effort was made to pull them out while cars piled up going both ways because of the obstruction. Hopefully, no one got in an accident due to impatience and rudeness.

When we got home, K set the tree up and I got right to work making a pumpkin crumb cake for our ward Christmas party. It was finished just in time. While it was cooking I got dressed while the kids played (A was over again while her parents shopped and had a date night). K went to a quick court of honor and then came back for us – we loaded up with the cake and the kids to go to the party….

Which was surprisingly enjoyable. I got to talk to a couple of people that I usually don’t get to talk to a lot at church, and I’m hopefully going to do some stuff with this one mom (M). The food was pretty good, and there was a fair amount available. That’s always a concern with these church parties; it seems to me like people come purposely starving and pile their plates higher than is appropriate when there are so many people to be fed. But that’s just me. People will be people.

The kids had fun running around with other kids. Literally, running in circles. And I got to bring some of my cake home. We didn’t leave until 8 – which means we were there for almost 2.5 hours. Much longer than I expected. We took A home and then it was home for kids’ quick bath and bedtime. And I didn’t work out – I was wiped. But did I go to bed??? no. Duh. I stayed up way too late eating food. Hm. Let’s not dwell.

Sunday was part of the bad. I just got overwhelmed by the dishes that were piled all over my counters, the tree that wasn’t decorated yet, the house that was dirty, the laundry that needed to be done. I was feeling stressed out about being pregnant and trying not to gain weight while I haven’t worked out in a week and seem determined to keep eating even when I don’t want to. I was stressed about the dogs and the fact that one of them is hurt right now and limping. I was worrying about money and to-do lists and just everything. My calling at church that I still know nothing about and feel completely inadequate for.

Well, I feel better today. I cried at church to a friend. I came home, got in a huge fight (for almost NO reason) with K wherein I overreacted and called my husband an idiot. Like an idiot. I decorated the tree with P while K slept to get away from me. I did the dishes. I tidied up a bit. The kids and I went to my parents’ for dinner, while K slept and continued to avoid me. Then I came home, put the kids to bed with minimal conversation with K, K left for work with a kiss and no “i love you”, and then I fell asleep watching TV. Slept in the chair until almost midnight and then got up and went to bed. Without brushing my teeth or washing my face. Lovely.

But I feel better today. I’ve started some laundry, the dishes are caught up. The living room is dusted and the tree looks pretty along with the other Christmas decorations that are out now around the room. My cold is virtually gone so there is no reason not to work out tonight, and I’ve started off the day with some green blended oats, fruit, and peanut butter on top. I took P to school and came home and read some scriptures.

I can handle this. I can. I apologized to my husband. Hopefully, he’ll wake up feeling like talking to me today. We’ll see.


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