Unexpected Afternoon

December 10, 2009 at 7:53 pm (General Life Updates)

Messed up my eating patterns. Went to the dealership at midday and didn’t leave and get home until after 4 PM. The kids and I randomly snacked on the stuff I had in my purse. I ate a zucchini/carrot/oatbran muffin, an organic fruit leather, a few Reeses Pieces. When we got home, K ordered pizza, and I cooked some lentils and warmed up my brown rice. I ended up having 1.5 pieces of pizza and then my bowl of rice, cauliflower, lentils & parmesan cheese. I should have been patient and skipped the pizza because the bowl of rice and lentils was SO good.

Since then I’ve had over half of the cinnabread that came with our pizza. Also good. Not so good for me.

In other news, we drove away the new owners of a red H3 Hummer. And I’m already having buyer’s remorse. Not because I don’t it, but because its going to be next to impossible to get 3 carseats in it. And I’m not sure it was the best choice. But its the only vehicle they had that was remotely big enough that we could afford. And barely at that.

And now I’m all thrown off. Dishes not done, should work some more hours. Should work out, but feeling sick from eating all that cinnabread. Sometimes a girl just wants to give up, you know?

Anyway, kids clamoring. Gotta go.


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