December 10, 2009 at 11:16 am (General Life Updates)

Yesterday at the office, I got caught up in the novelty of a huge brick of chocolate sitting in the kitchen, accompanied by a flat metal hammer to break it apart. And it was good chocolate. Sent to a couple of project managers from a subcontractor. Only one proj mgr had opened theirs up and put it in the kitchen, so there might be more chocolate when I go in tomorrow if the other two open theirs at some point. Since I had so much of that, I didn’t have my afternoon snack that I brought to the office until last night.

I haven’t really worked out since last week because of this cold, and last night was shaping up to be no different. I got home from work, K and I whipped up a quick meal of beef tips w/ brocolli and red pepper over quinoa (it was GOOD) to eat before K had to leave for work and I had to take the kids to P’s school Christmas Concert. On the way home from work, before the meal, I had K swing by Ross so I could buy P this beautiful winter dress that I’d seen a couple weeks before. I just couldn’t resist it for her concert and for the Sundays coming up to Christmas. I knew she would love it and I was right. Anyway…..

After the meal, I got the kids ready and bundled up. P looked so beautiful in her new dress. Black velvet top with round neck and long sleeves, pink sash at an empire waist level with black velvet tie in back. Pink satin skirt with petticoat covered by a black tulle with round velvet dots on it with sparklies in the material. So pretty! We drove over the ice-snow crusted streets to the high school parking lot (behind her elementary school) and went into the field house where she went off to join her kindergartener peeps and K2 and I went in to find a seat in the bleachers. Keeping K2 happy and with me was a chore, I tell you. That kid…. Eventually, the concert started with a speech from the principal (too long-winded if you ask me) and then the kindergarteners filed in, hips and lips (how the k-ers walk thru the halls at school with 1 hand on hip and 1 hand with finger over lips in “shhh” position), to go up on stage and sing their two songs. I had told P that I wasn’t going to take her if she didn’t sing, since her initial reaction was “I want to go but I don’t feel like singing”. And I was very happy with her that she did sing, and look kind of happy while doing it. I think it helped her that she was surrounded on all sides with other kids so she didn’t feel too exposed to the crowd.

After they got done singing, I had to grab K2 and walk down the bleachers and to the other side of the gym to collect her since she hadn’t seen us, and K-ers were supposed to sit with their families when they were done. So I got her and we went back to sit down. K2 was a little easier to handle now that he had his big sister back to sit with, and her velvet dress seemed to be a perfect texture for him to rub while sucking his thumb. We listened to the first graders, the second graders and the second-third grade choir before I called it quits. It was bathtime, K2 was getting increasingly restless, and I knew if I stayed till the end we’d have a heck of a time getting out of the parking lot without waiting hours. So we left. It wasn’t pretty or subtle because I had my coat and purse and K2 in my arms until out in the hall, but hopefully we weren’t too conspicuous.

Bathtime came next after we brought our crunchy, frozen selves inside. While the kids bathed, I worked. Then I put them to bed and kept working. By the time I got done with the work I had to do, I wouldn’t have been done working out until after 10PM if I did the workout I’d planned. So I just did the beginning of T-Tapp Tempo Intermediate (10 reps), so it was like an advanced BWO+, and I felt happy with that.

I did munch on a sugar cookie, a handful of marshmallows, a bite of chocolate coconut Larabar before heading upstairs to put away 3 loads of laundry and watch SYTYCD. I turned the TV off shortly after 11. Not my goal, I know, but I considered staying up to watch the results show, as well (also recorded), but I didn’t.

Today, I’ve had a baked egg for breakfast. SO GOOD with real garlic, chives, and sharp cheddar cheese. I used a little zucchini and a little summer squash. MMM. But I’m already starting to get hungry again and its not even been 2 hours. Yup, pregnant.

I’m having brown rice and beans w/ vegetables for lunch. Though the fact that we’re going to the dealership over the lunch hour might put a kink in that. K is determined to get us a truck, even though we’re practically not finance-able. I have to get dressed and ready to go – we’re going to pick P up and go straight there. ….. I just got up to start my brown rice in the rice cooker since I realized it wouldn’t get done before we left unless I started it immediately. I still haven’t decided between some canned beans or cooking some lentils in a new way (I’ve never made lentils in anything but my lentil soup). It will probably depend on how hungry I am and how late it is when we get back from dealership.

Ok, so I gotta take food (the kids always get hungry and apparently so do I) and entertainment for the kids and I have to get myself ready. So I better stop typing and get going.


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