Weekend Recap, and how did I start off the week?

December 7, 2009 at 8:05 pm (General Life Updates)

Saturday I got up, got the kids some breakfast, and got ready to go meet my mom for the last craft fairs of the season.

We went to Doherty HS’s fair, one neither of us had ever been to. It was bigger than I expected, and we both got a couple things. I got a couple cute $1 dresses for P’s Barbie and some cinnamon-pretzel sticks for P’s teachers. Just need to put them in something cute to give the teachers. Mom got a gift basket with candle, ornament, and 2 mugs for her neighbors, some Barbie dresses to give her grandgirls. I think that’s it. Oh, I also got these awesome peacock-feather-looking earrings made out of string woven around a metal frame. They are dangly chandelier earrings and I love them. Green, yellow and black string and beads. Only problem: I don’t have much of those colors in my pathetic wardrobe.

After we left Doherty, we travelled over to the Phil Long Expo and paid $5 to get into the gem and mineral show and sale. We got some cute stuff there, some of which I won’t be seeing until my birthday in February from my mom. 🙂 I bought one thing that I think I’m going to give to K to give to me for Christmas. It was $5, which is about how much I spent on him. Ha!

By the time we got done looking at all the pretty stones and jewelry, it was almost time for me to head home to go with K and the kids to an appointment at the dealership (he’s hoping to get us in a truck). I was also feeling kind of achy and droopy as my cold got stronger and I got weaker. We drove to Honey-Baked Ham for a quick lunch, and then split up for the day.

I headed home and we got ready for our appointment at the dealership. We were there filling out paperwork and waiting for the financial people to figure it out (it SUCKS buying a car after a bankruptcy) for about an hour and 15 minutes. I found it strange that they didn’t let us test drive anything first – seems like that usually comes first. But again – SUCKS after a bankruptcy. We ended up leaving after that time as they told us they wouldn’t be able to figure it out until Monday and they’d be in touch. And K called them today and they said there’s nothing they can do. SUCKS.

After that, I didn’t feel like making dinner. K didn’t feel like it. I was feeling yuckier and  yuckier. We ended up going to TGI Fridays for dinner. Pretty pleasant, surprisingly not crowded for a Saturday evening. Food was pretty good, kids weren’t too crazy. It definitely wasn’t a day of stellar eating for me, hodgepodge breakfast on the go (clementine, chocolate “nutrition” drink, cereal bar, 2 dehydrated pineapple rings), later on the croissant chicken salad sandwich at Honey-Baked Ham, then TGI Fridays. Some more pineapple and at least one more cereal bar somewhere in between. Some craisins and cashews and a few M&Ms at the dealership.

Sunday started off with sugary cold cereal and just got worse. First of all, I had a crappy night of nose and coughing. Knew I wasn’t going to get up for church, but then neither did K like he said he was going to. We slept until almost 10 AM, and then later I took a nap as well. We had a huge dinner of french loaf french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, strawberries. It was SO good, but not exactly circumspect. Then I ate about 7 fun size Snickers and felt sick. So sick that as soon as the pressure subsided, I had a piece of buttered french loaf (the butt of the loaf) and a bowl of yogurt with hot chocolate powder. Geesh.

Ok. So, today. Still not feeling stellar, but they needed me at the office today so I went in anyway. Also despite the nasty weather that got P’s school put on 2-hour delay and therefore cancelled her morning kindergarten. K drove me; there was no way I was going to drive myself in this weather. That is still going on tonight. K’s loving it. Putz. Anyway, so I went to the office. But for once, I stayed out of the chocolate jars. I kept telling myself that there was a lady in the office that hadn’t seen me in months, and while she didn’t say anything (we hardly know each other), the last time she saw me I probably weighed about 230 pounds. So I stayed out of the chocolate.

Had a berry/zuchinni/protein powder shake for breakfast. Two hard-boiled eggs w/ little mayo and mustard for egg salad on a sandwich thin for lunch with carrots. Cashews, craisins, and 2 clementines as snacks.

Then I got home. K had planned for (and purchased all the makings) for brocolli cheddar soup in breadbowls for dinner with apple soda. Only he didn’t realize we had only a little brocolli left. So it ended up being potato brocolli (sort of) cheddar soup. In bread bowls. I’ve never had soup in a bread bowl before, and it was good soup. And I ate a lot of bread. And bowl. And drank the soda (so tasty). And I’m still uncomfortable. He also bought pink frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles. I had one just now with the kids. It wasn’t that great, so I think I’ll be able to leave the rest of them alone. And he hid the rest of the fun size Snickers. Phew! I really should work out, but I’m feeling so pooped and weak from the cold.

I really should so some work tonight. So I think I’ll work and not work out. Stay out of the kitchen. Go to bed as soon as I’m done working. Hope P has another snow day tomorrow. And work out tomorrow when I’m feeling a little stronger. ???? Those aren’t concrete decisions. I could work out right now while the kids watch some cartoons, but I’m still feeling so full I want to puke. Ugh.

K is supposed to let his worker go tonight. If he doesn’t do it, I’m going to be so disappointed. And pissed.

This is long and rambly. Sorry. Cough cough.


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