Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day

November 25, 2009 at 8:41 pm (General Life Updates)

Let’s see. Today consisted of:

Sleeping in until 9.

Getting breakfast and spending a little time on the computer while the kids ate their oatmeal. P asked for a second bowl and ate almost all of it!

Getting ready for work. Going to work. Kids acting like maniacs, and I was glad to leave the house.

Working for a little about 3 hours and calling it quits because I couldn’t see myself starting anything. Plus I needed to….

Went to the YMCA up north to pick up our race packets. Getting excited…..

Stopped by Big 5 Sporting Goods on the way home to take back a couple of kid bats that the kids roped their Dad into buying them the day before. We had gone there to buy me some new running shoes. Anyway, I returned the bats – they were 12.99 each!!

Then I stopped by Walmart and got myself a long-sleeved wicking shirt to wear during race and a cheap second bra to go with my sports bra – that fits.

Came home and K was feeding the kids quesadillas – minus the brocolli that I always put in mine. He made us all some, and then got ready for work and was about to leave when he got a call saying he didn’t have to go to Canon City tonight!! Yay!

So we went for a quick family shopping trip to King Soopers (CRAZY THERE TONIGHT) to get the supplies for the veggie tray we are assigned to bring to dinner tomorrow.

Now we are home. K went to work but should be done around 11:30 or so. The kids are watching a little TV before bed. I’m going to do T-Tapp tonight while trying to watch a show on the DVR. I’ll let you know how that goes – if I’m capable of concentrating on my form enough while watching TV.

Getting excited and a little nervous for the race tomorrow. We’ll be leaving here at about 7:30 to get up there in time to get our timing chips, park, and get in place for running. Wish me luck! My first course with hills – and there will be over 2000 people running/walking this thing. I hope it isn’t too cold, but not too hot for the layers I’m planning on wearing.

Then, food! 🙂


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