Running Partner

November 17, 2009 at 7:28 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

This afternoon, we took the kids over to my SIL’s house and my husband and I went running together. Well, we didn’t really run together so much as he jogged ahead of me and then fell behind from walking, again and again until I finally left him in my dust. I’d love to say it was because I am so awesome and fast and full of endurance. But it was basically because his knee really started bothering him and it hurt too bad to run. He’s a delicate flower, and I’m worried about how he’ll be for the race. Poor guy. All skinny and in-shape looking, but all messed up inside. Just goes to show that even slender people can be unhealthy.

We ran almost 2.5 miles, and I only walked once for a short distance at the top of a hill. We ran two hills (well, I ran up one, down one and up most of the second, K didn’t take the second uphill but waited at the bottom for me) as experience for our 5K course next week that supposedly has some hills in it.

The kids had fun at my SILs and we enjoyed sitting and chatting while we cooled down from our run. On the way home, K’s ravenous appetite didn’t think it sounded like fun to go home and eat, so we ended up at Coal Mine Dragon for some chinese food. I had chicken and brocolli and rice, about 3 wontons, some egg drop soup. The kids didn’t eat a lot, though P loved her fried rice. I’ve had a couple pieces of chocolate since I got home and a few apple chips, so I’m still not hungry. I had planned on having a yogurt for a dinner-time snack since our dinner was at about 3:45. But I hope I don’t get hungry and just go to bed on the chinese food since I’m sure it was plenty of calories for the rest of my day.

The apple chips are fresh – made them today from a couple of honeycrisp apples that were going to spoil if I didn’t dry them. For some reason we just don’t eat apples around here very well – even though we all like them. K2 won’t eat them except in apple chip form, and I love to munch on apple chips when I have the munchies (instead of candy, endless yogurt, or worse). So I really do love to have some dehydrated apples on hand but haven’t made any in a few weeks. Anyway, the honeycrisp make AMAZING chips!!! I’ve only made the chips from Gala apples so far and the honeycrisp turn out so yummy and sweet they’re practically candy!! Excited to make some more. Also want to try some granny smith chips!


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