Monday Waning

November 16, 2009 at 7:42 pm (General Life Updates)

Well, Monday is coming to a close. Its been a good day, if not a very productive one.

Let me just start by saying that the zucchini brownies were AMAZING the second day. And they are gone. I’ve decided that the next time I make them, I will take out one for each of us in the family (that’s four servings) and plate the rest for giving away. Doesn’t matter to whom or why, everyone loves a plate of free brownies, right? The kids LURVED them, and they didn’t even know they were eating veggies! Mwaaaahaaaaahaaaa.

Also thought I’d make note of a couple of the things that I specifically saw at the bazaar on Saturday that I want to purchase. Quilt Magic squares. Laser-cut foam squares that you cut material out with a pattern and shove it into the cracks for a professional, pretty, quilted-looking square that hangs on the wall or door. So cute and pretty! And simple! I wanted about 6 of them, but hoping my mom and I can go to the vendor’s location this week and get some there without the distractions of all the other vendors.

There were these beautiful earrings made out of wire and string. One set looked like peacock feathers. They were gorgeous and dangly and kind of big and I wanted them. But I didn’t buy them. So I need to write it down and remember to buy them next year. There were so many things I wanted!!

One of the jewelry vendors had glass, twine, and stone jewelry. I loved the stone bracelets and shell cuffs, but I couldn’t decide and  ultimately just bought a chunky glass ring that I love and it was only $5. But the bracelets were only $10 and they were all stone – such as amythest (my birthstone) and quartz. Gorgeous. She’s going to be at a Gem and Stone show up here in the Springs on Dec 6th, so I’m hoping I can go to that, perhaps with P again because there’s supposed to be stuff for the kids to do.

There was more, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

Today I came home from taking P to school (SO HARD to get up this morning), and laid back down on my bed to read my scriptures. I read a couple of chapters and then set it aside and fell back asleep….until 10 AM!! Then I got up, woke up K so he could feed K2, because I had to hurry and start getting ready for work. Good think K went and got P from school because I wouldn’t have had time and been able to get to work on time.

Work was productive but unexciting. Going back Wednesday.

Tomorrow I am hoping to run outside. Got a 5K in a little over a week and I haven’t run outside much at all in the past 2 months. And that means I’ve run outside one time. Eeeeeh.

Going to run indoors tonight and hopefully get in a good workout.


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