Saturday Craft Fair Fun and Sunday Laze

November 15, 2009 at 2:27 pm (General Life Updates)

We drove to Pueblo armed with G00gle directions to the State Fair Grounds. Which we promptly disregarded when we saw a sign for exiting the freeway to get there 2 exits before the exit on our instructions. And after weaving our way through a good part of Pueblo, getting lost once and having to turn around, we found the grounds and the free Pueblo Holiday Bazaar. I love Free!!

It was maybe 2/3 of the size of the fair at the Expo in the Springs, but it was more crafty and not so high-end. Much more our speed, really. We found a bunch of stuff that we bought, plan to buy, or wanted to buy. Actually, I wanted to buy almost everything – I was a little out of control. Mom and I had P with us and she did great. She was enthralled with all of the jewelry, just like me, and we had fun perusing and trying on together. Mom mentioned that she sees a lot more of the merchandise when she goes with me because I stop to actually LOOK at so much stuff. We left there at about 2 PM to head back to the Springs. The whole day was overcast, foggy, occasionally raining, and chilly. But luckily, not icy until later on at night.

Upon arriving in the Springs we had to postpone our meal-eating plans in order to get to Liberty HS in time to see their fair before it closed at 4. We arrived at 3:30 and walked around quickly to make sure we saw everything. We only stopped a couple times, which I was kind of bummed about because I didn’t like feeling so rushed. It was worth it to see the Pueblo show, but I wish I’d realized the Liberty fair was closing, or that we were running so late, just a little earlier. We purchased a couple of little twist drums for P and K2 – that was the item P chose over all the other things she was enthralled by.

We then stopped by Chick-fil-A where I had a chicken salad sandwich, fries, and a shake. Decadent, and yummy. At home, we decided suddenly (K, K2, P, and I) to run to the store and return our upstairs TV for a different model with a clearer picture. We got back at 7:42, which was 12 minutes late for watching my niece A. As we drove by to turn around in the end of our culdesac, we opened the garage, and F (my SIL) basically shoved her daughter out of the car to come up and wait for us in our garage while she drove away before we’d even pulled around and parked in front of out house. Geez. Anyway, the kids had a blast playing together until…… 11 PM. Yup, that’s right my kids were up until 11 PM because F arrived back at our house shortly before 9 PM and we sat and talked for 2 hours. Enjoyed the talk, wished the kids could have been in bed while we chatted.

So I didn’t get a workout in yesterday which I was kind of bummed about. There’s a chance I’ll work out today.

It snowed overnight and K and I stayed up much too late (he got home around 11:45 and I was still awake), K2 woke me up with his crying at 3:15, and I woke up feeling like crap. So we didn’t go to church. I didn’t get out of bed until about 11:00 AM, K got up around 10:00 to answer K2’s call and then got up around 10:30 again when the kids came and jumped on him (thankfully leaving me alone for once). K and I made pancakes and eggs (the processed, not-good-for-you kind) and ate at about midday. That’s all I’ve had to eat today so far, though I’m thinking a yogurt is in order here shortly.

I didn’t weigh myself this morning. Yesterday morning I was 186.5.

This coming week should be pretty normal. Work three afternoons. Work outs. Might need to do some more grocery shopping for a few things. Hopefully won’t leave all the cleaning for Friday afternoon again.

Saturday is a MK meeting at my director’s house at 9:30 AM. Possible craft fair at a local High School. Work Christmas Party at MacKenzie’s steak house downtown. Promises to be a lot of great food for free, so K and I are going to treat it like a free date for us since I SUCK at mingling in large groups. My friend advised me to not worry about my lack of mingling skills or to put that pressure on myself. To just enjoy my husband’s company, talk to anyone that chooses to come and talk to me, and eat great food. 🙂 All of which is great advice and so that’s what we’re going to do. Planning on having K’s mom watch the kids since she arrives in town on Friday for Thanksgiving week.

That’s about all from here. We’re staying indoors today. K’s watching the Broncos. The kids are playing with their drums. I’m writing this post and reading blogs.

Later gator.


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