Today I cleaned

November 13, 2009 at 8:12 pm (General Life Updates)

And cleaned. And cleaned and organized some more. I feel like I accomplished a lot, so that’s a nice feeling. Three or four times in the last hour, I’ve told myself I don’t have to work out, then changed my mind and told myself I do have to work out. Right now, I’m on working out – affirmative and in the plans for as soon as the kids are a-bed. We shall see what happens. Feeling kind of stuffed up from fighting this cold all week, but that might be compounded by all the dust I breathed in today while cleaning spots that haven’t been dusted in months (namely, stairwell alcove, one of our only storage spots in this house).

Tomorrow, Mom and I are going to Pueblo to the Holiday Bazaar at the Colorado State Fair Grounds. We’re taking P, but leaving K2 with K. After the Pueblo fair, we may or may not go to the fair we’d planned on going to until I found out about the Pueblo one today, which is up at Liberty HS. If the Pueblo one is really great, we might not bother because it will be underwhelming.

K’s going to try and get the floor finished and next week he’s said he’ll help me get the baseboards painted so we can get this room looking “finished”. So excited! I’ve been trying to find some replacement dining chairs on craigslist since ours have rollers that don’t roll properly and are quite heavy. If I sit with my full weight and try to roll in one, the rollers lock up and mark the new floor. Can’t have that. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful finding a good fit on craigslist that I can afford, but I’ll continue to look.

Sunday is stake conference, which means instead of keeping our kids ‘reverant’ for one hour, we’d have to keep them happy and semi-quiet for 2. And then home instead of on to 2 more meetings (during which they’d normally be in Primary). We will try to make ourselves go, but we’re both feeling kind of unmotivated to make it through the 2 hours. That’s horrible, I know. I’m sure my guilt-factor will go up by Sunday morning and we’ll probably go. And I’m sure be enriched for the experience. Maybe K2 will get tired and want to sit in my lap the whole time. Not!!

Other than the craft fair, I have no plans for tomorrow. I’d like to get to Walmart and buy the semi-gloss spray paint for the baseboards. I need about 4 more cans of the stuff. And that’s about it.

This is (as usual) a very unexciting post.


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